New Year, New Opportunities

New Year, New You?

We’ve entered into a new year and many have decided their new year resolutions or set goals for themselves. Others have distanced themselves from goal-setting at the beginning of the year and are asking themselves: ‘Why should I plan in this time of uncertainty when things aren’t going to plan anyways?’.

So should you create goals for yourself? Why or why not?

And if goal setting is the way to go, how do we go about it effectively? Let’s find out!

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Empower Yourself Through Self-Awareness (Part I)

Growing up we’re trained to be aware of our surroundings and whatever’s happening externally. But are we truly aware of ourselves?

When we focus on ourselves, that’s where the magic begins…

In this article, we’ll look into what self-awareness is and why it’s important.

What is self-awareness?

Self-awareness means to get a good understanding of our feelings, thoughts and behaviours. It’s the foundation to learning who we are, embracing ourselves and building genuine self-confidence.

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The Habit Of Persistence

Do you feel like giving up?

2021 has been a rollercoaster of a year! And at such a time, giving up on our dreams can seem more easier than it would have been before. So how do we persist to make our dreams come true?

The Power Of Persistence

Persistence is in fact sustained effort. You cannot achieve your goals without sustained effort, right? Persistence is the key ingredient for our success.

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How To Own Your Power

Are you completely owning your power in life? One of the biggest resolutions we can make this coming year is to own our power! Read more to find out how you can step into your power!

Your Power Is Within You

To own our power we must, first and foremost, realise that it’s within us. Your power lies within you and you can choose to own it and exercise it as much as you want!

The moment we tell ourselves that our power has been taken away from us or that we’ve given it away, we immediately distance ourselves from owning it. Because it implies that we can’t access it, which isn’t true.

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Shatter The Glass Ceiling

It’ll take 257 years for women and men to achieve equal pay according to the WEF’s Global Gender Gap Report 2020! Can you believe it?

This year Equal Pay Day fell on 18th Nov, marking the day when women on average stopped getting paid relative to men.

According to the Fawcett Society, the gender pay gap was 10.6% last year and has increased to 11.9% this year! With women hit hardest by the effects of the pandemic, the gender pay gap continues to widen now more than ever before.

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Empower Yourself Through Goal-Setting

With just over a month to go, the New Year is fast approaching, making us once again think about our goals and resolutions. Did you achieve the goals you set for yourself this year? If not, don’t be disheartened. Goal-setting has numerous benefits and it can be life-changing to say the least! Let’s delve deep into how goal-setting can empower you.

What are the benefits of goal-setting?

Helps you discover what you want out of life

The practice of goal setting can reveal a lot about what we truly want out of our lives. You might be surprised by what you might find out about your hopes, dreams and the future you envisage for yourself!

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Conquer Your Fears To Conquer Your Life

Fear can be debilitating, crippling and paralysing. Does fear tend to rule your life decisions? Let’s see if I can help you live a more fulfilled life by helping you peel away the layers of fear so that you may be able to better see fear for what it really is.

The Reality of Fear

As we all know, fear is a natural response and though we tend to forget this in the moment, we all experience fear in our lives. When you take on new challenges, you will always experience some degree of fear. The aim is not to completely eliminate fear but rather learn how to manage it.

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Be The Change You Want To See

 “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.”- The 14th Dalai Lama

World Kindness Day was observed across the globe this past Saturday 13th November to celebrate being kind. But what does it truly mean to be kind? Is kindness the norm? Do you want to be kind but are unsure how to? Or perhaps, you’re not too sure what the point really is? Read this article to find out!

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Pushing the envelope..

Women and girls have made their mark in the world throughout history and continue to do so. Despite facing various barriers, we persevere. From breaking boundaries and defying stereotypes to creating a powerful impact in the world, we have been pushing the envelope further and further. Everywhere you look around, you’ll find strong women who’re doing amazing things! Do we recognise them?

Here are a few examples of the inspirational women and girls who we look up to:

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