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50% of managers are rated ineffective!!! 26% of first-time managers feel they weren’t ready to lead others to begin with. Almost 60% of first-time managers do not receive any training when transition into their first leadership role! Shocking figures that strongly suggest development is needed. With 40% of managers being women and that figure dropping to 28% at the c-suite level, there’s room for much improvement in regarding to equal representation in the leadership space.


Effective leaders are made. For leaders to be effective they require development. Therefore, it’s important to develop your leadership capacity and skills. Whether you’re wanting to become a leader, so are proactively developing yourself, or are already in a leadership position, and want to bolster your ability, to be effective you will need to develop yourself and your skills. Training and development is a key engagement and retention strategy, so smart organisations invest in developing their people.


Do you:

  • Have difficulty demonstrating your leadership potential?
  • Struggle to resolve conflict at work?
  • Battle feelings of being an imposter?
  • Find it a challenge to hold people to account and have difficult conversations?
  • Want to improve your resilience?
  • Grapple with positioning yourself as a leader among former peers?
  • Want to develop your leadership skills and capacity?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above then read on. The Leader in You Lunch & Learn series is for YOU. You can develop your leadership skills and capacity.


What Can Developing the Leader in You Mean?

It can mean:

  • Greater confidence
  • Being equipped to deal with conflict more positively
  • Increased leadership capacity and skills
  • Better resilience and flexibility
  • Having difficult conversations more effectively
  • Recognition of your leadership potential


The Leader in You Lunch & Learn gives you tools, techniques and strategies to develop the leader in you. In bite-sized bursts you are empowered and equipped to lead.

Let’s Lunch & Learn

Our Lunch & Learn series’ are:

  • Delivered as an in-house or open programme
  • Customised or delivered as standard i.e. ‘off-the-shelf’.
  • Delivered virtually or in-person.


The Leader in You Lunch & Learn adheres to the Fempowerment Method’s 3 pillars: Recover, Reconnect and Rise.

There are 5 sessions. Each session lasts approximately 50 -60 minutes, and includes the following:

  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome = Is it imposter syndrome? This session provides a brief exploration into what imposter syndrome is, what the causes are, the various types and it’s relative. Learners are empowered with valuable tips and a 3-step strategy to overcome imposter syndrome so they can fulfil potential and own accomplishments.


  • Resilience for Brilliance = Resilience is key in order to flourish and develop the capacity to lead effectively. Learn what resilience is and how it enables us to maintain wellbeing, adapt to change and overcome obstacles in a world where change is constant. Learners leave this session understanding what promotes resilience and simple steps to implement to build it.


  • Managing Difficult Conversations = What makes it so hard to have certain conversations? In this session we look at the reasons. Developing our ability to have difficult conversations, is integral to our ability to lead. Learners acquire a strategy about how to have difficult conversations, with an added consideration which allow the other person feel as valuable as possible.


  • Leadership vs Management? = Not all managers are leaders and not all leaders are managers. However, it’s possible to be both and ideally that would be the case. In this session the difference between leadership and management is clarified along with the benefits of both. Learners are also informed of when to lean into leadership and when to lead into management.


  • Resolving Conflict = Conflict will happen and resolving it is a leader’s responsibility. Therefore, developing the skills to resolve it well is essential for every leader. Common causes of conflict, how to prevent and a straightforward strategy for conflict resolution is shared to enable learners to better deals with a major challenge of leadership.



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The Leader in You Lunch & Learn Open programme is:

  • Delivered live, virtually on Zoom for accessibility and some interaction.
  • Inclusive of worksheets to encourage maximum growth.
  • With access to recordings.

Woven throughout our modules are our 3 Cs; building confidence, courage and celebration in every women we work with.


Book onto the next Leader in You Lunch & Learn and you will make a worthy investment so you get the tools, techniques and strategies enabling you to:

  • Develop in key areas for effective leadership; conflict resolution, resilience, positioning, empowerment and difficult communication.
  • Progress on your leadership journey.



The Empowering You Lunch-and-Learn is delivered by Jasmine Mbye. Jasmine is the Empowerment Champion, a multiple award-winning TEDx, (link here), international Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Coach & Author at The Like Me CIC, who has been featured on the BBC news and whose work with women has been recognised as outstanding.

Jasmine combines over 15 years professional expertise of developing others, with business failure and her personal experience of overcoming both domestic and child abuse to empower and inspire women, who often hide behind a mask, to know that they are more than what they’ve been through so they can overcome obstacles, (like; imposter syndrome, low self-belief, bullying, abuse, lack of confidence), fulfil their potential and advance in their careers’, businesses and lives to become leaders who flourish.

Jasmine Mbye has appeared on Naga Munchetty’s BBC Radio 5 Live, in The Suns’ Fabulous Magazine and on podcasts. Jasmine shares her expertise by delivering informative and inspiring talks or leading panels at multiple locations such as the Speak Up Women, Right at Homes Managers conference, Ethnic Minorities into Leadership, PA Show and LSBU and more. When it comes to empowering you to lead, you’ll be in great hands.



Below is feedback from those who’ve previously attended our Lunch & Learns and worked with Jasmine:

“Jasmine is an excellent trainer with lots of good energy and insights. I’m finding the lunch n learn sessions are helping me think about moving forward with my goals. Thank you Jasmine & your Team”

“…at work it has been commented [on] how much more confident I am since attending the sessions”

“…the sequence of the sessions were on point and have given me food for thought and much to take away and process further…”




Take action, as the Leader in You Lunch & Learn is about empowering you with the tools, techniques, stories and strategies to lead. It allows real action to be taken that supports you forging forward as a leader progressing gender equity and equality.

Make the decision today for your future.  You can be a more effective leader.

Take action, book today.


“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” Jack Welch


Invest in your development, grow yourself and bolster your leadership skills and capacity. Book now and Jasmine looks forward to seeing you. 😊
Leader in You Lunch & Learn



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Bonuses =
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*Group Development Session. A 90 minute interactive session to review the Lunch & Learn series, the workbooks and discuss questions. (worth £115.).
*Invitation to join the invitation-only empowering Women Rising & Shining Community.



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  • I cannot make the lunch dates...remember the sessions are recorded and you will automatically receive access to the recordings. These content rich sessions have been designed to give you the tools, techniques and strategies, they're not workshops.
  • I don't know if Jasmine's the right person...Check out Jasmine's TEDx here to get a feel for who she is, her story and why she champions empowering individuals to flourish.


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