Empower Yourself Through Self-Awareness (Part I)

Growing up we’re trained to be aware of our surroundings and whatever’s happening externally. But are we truly aware of ourselves?

When we focus on ourselves, that’s where the magic begins…

In this article, we’ll look into what self-awareness is and why it’s important.

What is self-awareness?

Self-awareness means to get a good understanding of our feelings, thoughts and behaviours. It’s the foundation to learning who we are, embracing ourselves and building genuine self-confidence.

Why does self-awareness matter?

I know you might be wondering why self-awareness even matters, right? What does it bring you? Well, let me tell you that it might be the key to changing your life! That’s a pretty big statement but I’ll show you why I said so.

Becoming self-aware means getting clarity on our:

  • feelings
  • thoughts
  • behaviours
  • core values
  • strengths and weaknesses

Essentially, it’s the key to understanding ourselves better.

Only when we know ourselves, can we genuinely love ourselves. Only when we observe our thought patterns, can we change them. Only when we become aware of ourselves, can we change the way we think, act & react to become better versions of ourselves.

What hinders us from becoming more self-aware?

The journey to becoming self-aware requires us to be open, curious and non-judgemental of our self. Observe yourself.

Becoming more self-aware can be a scary process for some of us. We might be afraid of the unknown or afraid of leaving our comfort zones or perhaps even afraid of discovering aspects of ourselves.

Self-awareness requires us to be completely honest with ourselves. And it requires work. But it’s immensely rewarding in the long run and totally worth it!

So the question arises, how do we embark on our journey of self-awareness. To find out how we can become more self-aware, stay tuned for the second part of this blog series (which will be posted next week).

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