We offer a range of development opportunities to empower and inspire promoting real change in the areas of personal development, employability and wellbeing. We specialise in working with more vulnerable women and girls to develop in three key ways:

  • confidence
  • courage
  • celebrate

This is done using our 3 step approach. Woven into our development opportunities are recovery, reconnection and rising so as to prevent the challenges faced in life from determining who a learner is and what they achieve.

We believe development is a lifelong goal and process. We refer to those attending our development programmes as learners because we believe that life gives us experiences and those experiences, good and bad, can be a learning opportunity, if we allow it.

Our desire is to support the development of as many women and girls as possible so we offer different development sessions, see more here. Our flagship session is a FREE 60 minute development session.

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Our delivery is led by Jasmine Mbye who has a wealth of development experience. Jasmine has been developing people for over 15 years and a trainer for over a decade. In addition to over 8 years course content creation.

We recognise that personal development impacts on all other development. Therefore, we specialise in personal development along with employability and wellbeing. As we believe the that our work flows out from who we are and our wellbeing is our wealth.

Take a look at our development programmes to see what may be right for you or the group of women or girls you represent. We adapt our courses to the learners so they can be delivered to women or girls and include the needs of those attending.

We offer open courses to individuals as well as in-house delivery of our programmes. Our open programmes are available for individuals to sign up to and are delivered at set points in the year. Please get in touch for more details and so we can assess if our programmes are right for you. If you represent an organisation and would like in-house delivery, we conduct initial assessments so we can tailor our offering to the needs of those you represent. This is of course after we’ve assessed suitability. All of our courses can be delivered in person at a location, when safe to do so, as well as virtually live.

I Am Me Programme

Learners will be working through
supported changes in their lives and refocusing their energies to lead healthy, positive lives which will include taking steps towards finding and keeping work.

Participants will leave with an individualised plan to enable them to attain their goals, including employment, volunteering or further learning. The total programme lasts 30 sessions and consists of three 10 session development programmes. Maximum benefit comes from learners completing all 3 development programmes. Nevertheless, the 10 session development programmes can be done independently and are still effective as a standalone.

I Am Caring for Me

This 10 session development programme provides the structure and steps for wellbeing, self-care and self-management that support the move into meaningful and purpose driven activity.

I Am Finding Me

This 10 session development programme looks at the various aspects of one’s self and life, removing barriers, building the mindset and developing the skills to make positive life changes.

I Am Planning for Me

In this 10 session development programme we look ahead at future aims such as further study, volunteering and work along with the skills required to get there.

Exploring Me in Essence

This 12 session development programme will work to support learners to improve self-esteem, build resilience and manage life more effectively through self-rediscovery. It provides the knowledge and support needed to fulfil unmet needs in positive and healthy ways, enabling individuals to better manage their challenges in the present, as they progress on their journey to a better aligned and more meaningful life.

Me More Confidently

This 4 session development programme will propel the confidence of learners through practical activities and exercises. Providing learners with real life personalised challenges that are designed to cause significant confidence growth along with the support and coaching to overcome those challenges. Learners’ achievement encourages the practice of a confidence mindset which they can take with them on their journey to more fulfilment in life.

Presenting Me

This 5 session development programme will support learners with fundamentals. Improving the ability to deal more effectively with uncertainty in life, stress, negative influences and/or negative experiences. Learners increase their emotional intelligence and sense of personal power which leads to enhanced wellbeing.

Empowering Me

A 3 session development programme to support the personal empowerment of learners so they are aware of and more confident about the choices and power they have. Enabling them to better own their story, find purpose in their pain and use their voice more effectively which in turn enhances their sense of worth and wellbeing. 

Honing Me

A 10 session development programme designed to refine and sharpen the skills needed for greater and more effective presence personally and professionally. Whilst building your confidence, it provides the understanding and environment to practice how you show up so you can achieve more in life, work and business. Sessions include personal communication, time management, pitching, resilience, mindset and more. Honing Me is designed to empower you to strengthen those skills critical for your success

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