The Like Me CIC specialises in leadership development and employee empowerment training and development. Our work with organisations allows them to retain talent, improve productivity and save money as we empower and develop individuals to:

  • overcome obstacles
  • fulfil their potential
  • advance their career, business and life

To become leaders who flourish.

Supporting the UNs 5th and 11th Sustainable Development Goals of gender equality and reducing inequalities is essential for every organisation and is at the heart of what we do. Therefore, The Like Me CIC is a female and ethnic focused organisation concentrating on developing women and those from ethnic minority backgrounds. However, we do develop men and those from non ethnic minority backgrounds.

We recognise that effective leaders are made, not born. And so we offer development to support individuals to become effective leaders.

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Our development can be delivered in-house with in-person, virtually and hybrid options. We also deliver open programmes, so individuals from different organisations or business owners, freelancers can participate. Open programmes are delivered virtually for our Lunch & Learns, with a hybrid option for our Empowered Leader Programme.

Our development is founded on the Fempowerment Method which consists of 3 pillars: Recover, Reconnect and Rise. Woven throughout our work are the 3 Cs. We build confidence, courage and celebration in every woman and ethnically diverse person we work with.

The development we offer takes the form of Lunch & Learn series and an Empowered Leader Programme. Our Lunch & Learn series include the Leader in You, Empowering You and Goal Forward. Our Empowered Leader Programme has multiple modules such as Managing Stress, Mindset Mastery, Effective Communication, Sustainable Confidence, Assertively You, Powerful Presenting, and more.

We invite you to join our FREE Lunch & Learn ‘Positioning Yourself to Lead’. We run this session monthly. In this session Jasmine shares on how to position yourself as a leader, boosting visibility and credibility.

To find out more and join click here.

Lunch & Learns

Our Lunch & Learns largely adhere to the Fempowerment method, providing bite-sized learning that ‘packs a punch’. To say that another way, they have impact. To find out more about each of our Lunch & Learns, click on the links below, particularly if you’d like to join an open programme, or take a look at and download our brochure.

Leader in You

Empowering You

Goal Forward

Download our Lunch and Learn brochure below:

Empowered Leadership Development

Our Empowered Leader Development programme has 4 modules for each of the Fempowerment pillars; Recover, Reconnect, Rise. Modules can be delivered in isolation or can be put together to create a customised programme, or the entire programme can be undertaken.

To find out more about our Empowered Leader Programme, take a look below and download our brochure or come back soon and there will be a link to click below with open programme details.

Download our Empowered Leader Programme below:

Let’s create together!

Would you like a development opportunity which isn’t mentioned above? Well let’s discuss and consider creating something together.  Click below to send us an email.

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