About The Like Me CIC

Who Are We?

The Like Me CIC is a registered not-for-profit personal development Community Interest Company founded by Jasmine Mbye, (yep, that’s the woman in the picture), which aims to empower and encourage vulnerable women and girls in Luton and Bedfordshire to develop the confidence and courage to live a life they really want and show up in the world authentically. As well as celebrate themselves and other females in a sisterhood.

We empower Luton and Bedfordshire women and girls who typically have low self-worth and may have endured abuse, bullying, exploitation, violence, whether in childhood or adulthood, and Common Mental Health Disorders, (such as anxiety, depression, stress) so they can recover, reconnect and rise to overcome and avoid these defining who they are. This is partly by providing a platform and partnering with other specialist support agencies.

Jasmine is an accomplished Speaker, Trainer, Coach and the Director of The Like Me CIC. She was born in Luton but lived most of her life in London, returning to Luton in 2015 and moving to Bedford in 2019. Jasmine has always had a heart for working with women but was reluctant to work with girls although many suggested it. However, after having her first child in 2017, Jasmine was inspired to work with girls as she was blessed with a beautiful baby girl.

Jasmine has overcome many struggles in her life from a dysfunctional and abusive childhood to a toxic and abusive marriage. Yet, she has found her faith and inner work, personal development, has helped her recover from situations that would otherwise have been soul destroying, becoming better and stronger. It’s this determination that leads Jasmine to make a positive difference to females right here in Luton and Bedfordshire. Jasmine shares her story to empower and encourage others. Jasmine’s authenticity comes from her belief that when she lets her light shine others are encouraged to do the same, as so eloquently put by Marianne Williamson in her book Return to Love. Check it out the famous quote here: https://www.goodreads.com/work/quotes/1239848-a-return-to-love-reflections-on-the-principles-of-a-course-in-miracles.

Jasmine started developing people over 12 years ago. She has trained, coached and mentored hundreds of individuals on a one-to-one basis as well as in small, medium and large groups ranging from unemployed to entry level to senior global executives.

Jasmine’s professional expertise; years of speaking, training, development, coaching and mentoring along with certification (CIPD certified, SET membership and more), is coupled with her personal experience to create maximum impact, promoting positive change through all that The Like Me CIC do.

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We host empowering events, check out The Women Like Me and The Girls Like Me pages. Along with dynamic development opportunities. Check out our recently launched Development page to see what’s available, particularly our FREE development session. And in future we will also have our magazines.

The Like Me CIC team consists of women and men representative of the Luton & Beds community with a passion for making a difference. Many of these are volunteers who are pursuing their passions.

Jasmine and the team have a vision to see every woman and girl living confidently and courageously, celebrating herself and her female sisters as they live a life they really want and show up in the world authentically. If this appeals to you, connected with us.