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Here at the Like Me CIC, we are all about helping you to feel your very best.

To not only feel comfortable in your own skin but to feel like you can take on the world.

Everyone deserves to be heard and to live their life to their full potential, confident to show up, express their views and achieve their goals.

With our online resources, including several free tools, and our leadership and development training programmes, we have everything you need to step out from the shadows and into the limelight.

How are you feeling right now?

Do you feel in control of your life? Are you living your best life, maximising your skills and talents? Or do you lack confidence and hide away?

Our empowerment score quiz is the perfect place to start. This will help you identify where you are now and what you want to achieve. It will identify some steps that you can take straight away to get you feeling more confident and in control.

Empowered Score Quiz

Benchmark your level of empowerment and ability to empower others, identifying opportunities for significant growth. If you want to become more confident, courageous, celebratory and resilient, this tool will identify where you are at.

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Empowering You

We’re so excited to be offering a revised and updated Empowering You lunch-and-learn series to support International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month. It’s still a 3 part series but has been refined and honed for greater effectiveness.

This is not to be missed so check it out before it’s too late by clicking here.


We’re passionate about positively impacting the lives of women no matter where you are. Initially, our geographical focus was Luton and Bedfordshire; now we are nationwide. Our increased use of the virtual domain has encouraged us to broaden our remit to anyone who has a device!

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Private: The Women Like Me

The Women Like Me Luton & Beds Conference – Rise and Shine Queen

Join us virtually on 25 June 2022 for a day of inspiration in the company of extraordinary women.

Get your ticket now – Saturday 25 June 2022 – Virtual only!

About the Conference

Rise and Shine Queen is our theme for this year. We believe all women have the power to feel like a queen, which seemed even more appropriate in the year of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Our work is about helping women who feel like they’re not enough and are afraid to be truly seen, STOP hiding, take off the mask, and gain the confidence to take control of their lives. So they can find purpose and achieve their goals and dreams.

This year’s event, which takes place on 25 June, brings together seven powerful women speakers who each have overcome their trauma to rise above and now help women in various ways, from gaining financial freedom, education and training to running successful businesses.

You will be moved, motivated and encouraged to find your path once you have heard their stories. Watch from the comfort of your home with a pal or on your own. You will soon feel like you are amongst friends.

Women from all backgrounds and experiences are welcome and encouraged to attend. The conference features a variety of speakers who will appeal to people with diverse and different needs.

#TWLML&BC – join the conversation on Twitter. Let us know when you have your ticket.

Our Speakers

Hasna Weaver

Hasna was born in Bangladesh. She was forced into marriage at age 17 and endured fourteen years of abuse. She published her story in 2021, called “Glowing Despite the Dark.” She is now a Spiritual Life Coach. Hasna’s talk is entitled, “Acceptance: Your Ticket to Healing and Peace.”

Pauline Stepney

Pauline is a Community Engagement officer for a housing association and Founder of the Bedford anti-racism organisation Legacy of Windrush Descendants and Friends. Pauline has an enigmatic title to her talk, “bpha = Being Pauline, History And..”

Sian Young

Sian is an International Speaker and Co-founder of the Centre for Sustainable Action. She is spreading the word about business and sustainability. Her talk will be “Love is the Secret to our Revolution.”

Sabeena Suneram

Sabeena is a property developer and investor. Seven years ago, she decided to educate herself about property and finance and turned her life from poverty to financial freedom. Sabeena’s speech is “Empowering You to Secure Your Financial Future.

Veronica Ebanks

Veronica is a Jamaican raised in London who lives in Milton Keynes. She has a varied and fascinating background and now works as a well-being coach. Veronica’s talk is ‘Overcoming Secrets.”

Bilyana Georgieva

Bilyana is a Tedx Coach and digital marketing expert. Her presentation is “Can a Shaved Head Cure Mental Breakdown.”

Jasmine Mbye

And then our very own Jasmine Mbye, will present two sessions. One called “And Yes I Rise,” and the other “Our Power to Shine.”