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Happy New Year! Whether you found out about us from the radio, networking, a feature in the newspaper or a talk, we’re glad you’re here. Thanks for stopping by and we hope you’re staying safe in these very unsettling times. Take a look around our website and make yourself at home.

The Like Me CIC is a registered not-for-profit personal development Community Interest Company which empowers and inspires the development of confidence, courage and celebration in more vulnerable women and girls so they can live a life they really want and show up in the world authentically. This includes but is not exclusively through events, training and in due course magazines.

We’re passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of women and girls primarily in Luton and Bedfordshire and now beyond. As our increased use of the virtual domain has encouraged us to broaden our remit. Our offering reflects our desire to make a difference and to start making a positive difference right now we’ve made great changes to our website.


It’s a new year, (can you believe it’s 2021), and this is often a time for reflection. Thinking about how we want to move forward. In extremely uncertain times this is even more important! We want to support positive progress so will be delivering a FREE Goal Forward with Affirmations session.


Goal creation is so integral for our progress as are affirmations. So join Jasmine to ensure you go about this in best way.

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And why not register for our FREE development session now. We offer a several sessions each month. However, spaces are limited.

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Below are some more of the exciting changes made to website:

  • We were so pleased with the fantastic The Girls Like Me L&B Conference to celebrate The International Day of the Girl. Get more details here.
  • We’ve added the Development Opportunities page to showcase the great development programmes we offer. So feel free to take a look.
  • Take a look at our latest blog post on the first virtual The Women Like Me Luton & Beds Conference here. There’s some great screenshots!
  • The Like Me CIC has launched a YouTube channel where Jasmine’s interviews from her radio show will be uploaded. Check out the Free Stuff page for more.
  • Check out The Women Like Me page here to see what we’re up to now.

See where Jasmine will be or has been on our Featured In and On page. Find out more about Jasmine, the team and The Like Me CIC on our About page. Check us out and connect with us on social media. Check out The  Like Me CIC on Facebook, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

We hope you’ll be empowered and inspired as you look around and would love your feedback. Take care.


About The Like Me CIC

Who Are We?

The Like Me CIC is a registered not-for-profit personal development Community Interest Company founded by Jasmine Mbye, (yep, that’s the woman in the picture), which aims to empower and inspire more vulnerable women and girls to develop the confidence and courage to live a life they really want and show up in the world authentically. As well as celebrate themselves and other females in a sisterhood.

We empower women and girls who typically have low self-worth and may have endured abuse, bullying, exploitation, family conflict (such as divorce), violence, whether in childhood or adulthood, and Common Mental Health Disorders, (such as anxiety, depression, stress) so they can recover, reconnect and rise to overcome and avoid these defining who they are. This is partly by providing a platform and partnering with other specialist support agencies.

Jasmine is an accomplished Speaker, Trainer, Coach and the Director of The Like Me CIC. Above all she is a wife and mother. Jasmine was born in Luton but grew up in London. She married in 2013 returning to Bedfordshire in 2015. Jasmine has always had a heart for working with women but was reluctant to work with girls although many suggested it. However, after having her first child in 2017, Jasmine was inspired to work with girls as she was blessed with a beautiful baby girl.

Jasmine has overcome many struggles in her life from a dysfunctional and abusive childhood to a toxic and abusive marriage. Yet, she has found her faith and inner work, personal development, has helped her recover from situations that would otherwise have been soul destroying, becoming better and stronger. It’s this determination that leads Jasmine to make a positive difference to females, initially just in Luton and Bedfordshire, now beyond. Jasmine shares her story to empower and encourage others. Jasmine’s authenticity comes from her belief that when she lets her light shine others are encouraged to do the same, as so eloquently put by Marianne Williamson in her book Return to Love. Check it out the famous quote here: https://www.goodreads.com/work/quotes/1239848-a-return-to-love-reflections-on-the-principles-of-a-course-in-miracles.

Jasmine started developing people over 12 years ago. She has trained, coached and mentored hundreds of individuals on a one-to-one basis as well as in small, medium and large groups ranging from unemployed to entry level to senior global executives.

Jasmine combines professional expertise; years of speaking, training, development, coaching and mentoring along with certification (CIPD certified, SET membership and more). Together with her personal experience, as outlined above,  to create maximum impact, promoting positive change through all that The Like Me CIC does. It’s what we term the ‘Double P Approach’.

  • Would you like Jasmine to speak at your event to empower and inspire your audience?
  • How could Jasmine and The Like Me CIC help you or those you support to develop and be empowered?
  • Could you partner with us?

We host empowering events, check out The Women Like Me and The Girls Like Me pages. Along with dynamic development opportunities. Check out our Development Opportunities page to see the development that is available, especially the Free Stuff page to check out our FREE development session. And in future we will also have our magazines.

The Like Me CIC team consists of women and men representative of the Luton & Beds community with a passion for making a difference. Many of these are volunteers who are pursuing their passions.

Jasmine and the team have a vision to see every woman and girl living confidently and courageously, celebrating herself and her female sisters as they live a life they really want and show up in the world authentically. Our Mission is to empower 1000 women and 1000 girls. If this appeals to you, connected with us.

The Women Like Me

The Women Like Me L&B

We are a community of women who come together to empower and inspire one another. This is the focus of all that we do. We’re on a mission to empower 1000 women. Take a look to see how we might empower and inspire you and how you might do the same for others with us.

If you are wondering what kind of women are in The Women Like Me Community, and whether you are a woman like me, watch this video from Jasmine…

If you want to know how you can engage with us, check out our Development Opportunities here, including the Free Stuff here. 😊

The Women Like Me Luton & Beds Conference

It’s 2020 and we we’re determined to make this year’s conference even better. To remove any potential issues we took it live on Zoom and the date was Saturday, 20th June 2020. The theme was From Feeling Fear to Feeling Free and it was pretty amazing!

We looked at the fears that are most common to us women as shown below…

Along with the fears Jasmine had of rejection, so you don’t put yourself out there, and fear of failure, so you won’t even try. We also considered that in life we face life’s tough challenges, such as sickness, bereavement etc which can leave us nervous and anxious. Or that we might be in a difficult place and are unsure or afraid of what to do.

To read a bit about the conference, see some screenshots or even find out how you might watch the replay. Check out our latest blog here.

We’re looking forward to another The Women Like Me L&B event later in the year so watch this space.

The first ever event was in May 2018 put on by Luton Council. Last year we took the baton holding the conference on Friday, 14th June 2019 at Venue 360 from 9am to 5pm. It bought together over 70 women from all walks of Luton life, all faiths, all ethnicities, all ages and they were empowered, encouraged and inspired as indicated by the feedback. Check out the previous speaker pictures and bios here and the event pics here.

The Saturday Cuppa

So, where can we go to get together and have a good chat, laugh, be encouraged and share and solve some problems on a monthly basis for FREE?… I don’t know….So we created that space and place. With lockdown restrictions having eased considerably we’re moving to a monthly meeting albeit virtually. So join us at 10.15am on the third Saturday of each month. Come back soon to get your Eventbrite ticket. We look forward to seeing you there.

The Women Like Me Luton Magazine

This will be produced quarterly with stories of women within Luton & Beds, or those of interest to women residing here, women who have gone through great challenges and overcome difficulties. We what to share about women who are living the life they want and showing up in the world as they want to be seen.Visit this page again soon for more information.If you’re a Lutonian woman we’d love to get your views so please complete our questionnaire by clicking here. It doesn’t require any personal details and will only take a few minutes.

The Girls Like Me

The Girls Like Me

Empower 1000 Girls with The Girls Like Me L&B

We are really thrilled to have begun our campaign to Empower our girls at The Girls Like Me Luton & Beds Conference last year. This was our first step but the campaign continues. The aim of the campaign is to Empower 1000 Girls with The Girls Like Me L&B through our events and training. Our next event The Girls Like Me L&B Conference is coming up up very soon. See below. Please share and/or make a donation by clicking here. Your support enables us to make more of a difference.

The Girls Like Me L&B Conference

We did it again! The Girls Like Me L&B Conference took place on Saturday 17/10/2020 to celebrate the International Day of the Girl, which takes place on 11th October each year.

This event is aimed at girls aged 11-17. We met on Zoom from 13:00 until 16:30 to empower and inspire you, our girls. This year we kept in line with the Unicef theme for 2020 ‘My Voice’ and built upon the success of last year by involving our girls as an integral part of the event. So check out the amazing line up and you’ll see we included girls as our speakers this year. Female guardians were welcome to join too.

The conference was FREE again this year and we invited, and still invite, everyone to support our GoFundMe campaign as we’ve got lots of work to do. Your support is so important, click here to see what we’re planning and to donate. Also, please share as we want to remove the barrier of price from those who want to develop with us. We appreciate whatever you’re able to do in support of our work.

Our celebration of The International Day of the Girl is a day to make a difference. Check out the great speaker line up we had:

*Olivia (& Peri) Lynn – who overcame bullying, releasing a single and becoming Tik Tok famous – ‘Making it through the Storm’

*Hasina Rahman – owner of a female only martial arts club in Luton, Pink Diamond Martial Arts – ‘The art of Tai Chi’

*Mekelle Angel -Teenage published author and self-professed nerd – ‘Xan Oku Called Himself A Becoming’

*Olive Hickmott – is a health and learning Coach – ‘Learning to thrive with dyslexia and /or ADHD’

*Vivian Moyo – Founder of the You Are Beautiful Project – ‘Don’t Allow People to Define You’

*Susan Lousada – the current High Sheriff of Bedfordshire – ‘I never thought I’d wear a feathered hat’

*And Jasmine Mbye – Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Director of the Like Me CIC and organiser of The Girls Like Me Conference – ‘From Pain to Purpose’

Our aim in all that we do, is to empower and inspire females to be confident, courageous and celebratory. Especially those that have endured abuse, bullying, exploitation, violence and Common Mental Health Disorders (anxiety, depression and stress). At The Girls Like Me Conference, not only did the above speakers inspire, but there were engaging activities and entertainment.


Our first event took place in Luton on Friday, 11th October 2019 to celebrate the International Day of the Girl. The Conference theme was Anxious/Stressed/ Depressed, No More! We were so excited to encourage, empower and inspire the girls of Luton and Beds. We welcomed girls from 11 – 18 and their mums, aunts, big cousins to come and join us at the Riverside Suite at Venue 360. There were 2 sessions: 13:00 and 16:00. What a night it was! Thanks to those of you who donated to our campaign you made a difference. Here is last year’s flyer….
Doors opened for registration to our afternoon session at 16:00. During this session had inspiring speakers, engaging activities, developmental workshops. a fashion show.
The wonderful speakers we had were Hasina, the Self-defence expert, Tene Edwards, writer, author and self-love advocate from Walk With Wings, Anjeli Parmar from Love Gold Boutique and of course Jasmine Mbye, Speaker, Trainer, Coach and Director of The Like Me CIC. Each speaker shared how they have dealt or deal with Anxiety, Stress and/or Depression. We created a safe space to share and it was a memorable day, we marked the occasion well. The refreshments and a light meal went down well too.

The Girls Like Me Luton & Beds Conference was the first of many so we will be doing it again this year. So please continue to give us your support and share our GoFundMe campaign by clicking here. Or you can donate. Even £5 or £10 will make a difference. Thank you in advance.

The Girls Like Me L&B Summer Camp

We were hoping to run our Summer Camp this month. Due to all the uncertainty this year, it will take place in summer 2021.

Last summer we ran some free workshops from 27-30th August 2019 to help the preparation for the new school year. Each new year brings new challenges so we looked at common issues young girls face.

Our personal development sessions focused on key issues to prepare for the academic year ahead such as; confidence, motivation, resilience, how to deal with problems and values and beliefs. We were thankful to those who joined us and made the sessions successful.

The Girls Like Me Luton Magazine

This will be produced quarterly with stories of Lutonian girls and women, or of interest to Lutonian girls and women, who have gone through great challenges, are pursuing their passions and dreams as well as those who have pursued their passions and achieved their dreams.

Check out the Partner With Us page to see how you might be able to get involved by clicking here.

Visit this page again soon for more information.

Development Opportunities

We offer a range of development opportunities to empower and encourage more vulnerable women and girls to develop on 3 key ways:

  • confidence
  • courage
  • celebrate

This is done using the 3 Rs approach. Woven into our development opportunities is recovery, reconnection and rising so as to prevent the challenges faced in life from determining who a learner is and what they achieve.

We believe development is a lifelong goal and process. We refer to those attending our development programmes as learners because we believe that life gives us experiences and those experiences, good and bad, can be a learning opportunity, if we allow it.

Our desire is to support the development of as many women as possible so we offer a FREE 60 minute development session.

Head over to our Free Stuff page here for details.

Our delivery is led by Jasmine Mbye who has a wealth of development experience. Jasmine has been developing people for over 15 years and a trainer for over a decade. In addition to over 8 years course content creation.

We recognise that personal development impacts on all other development. Therefore, we specialise in personal development along with employability.

Take a look at our development programmes to see what may be right for you or the group of women or girls you represent. We adapt our courses to the learners so they can be delivered to women or girls.

We offer open courses to individuals as well as in-house delivery of our programmes. Our open programmes are delivered at set points in the year. Please get in touch for more details and so we can assess if our programmes are right for you. If you represent an organisation and would like in-house delivery, we conduct an initial assessment so we can tailor our offering to the needs of those you represent. This is of course after we’ve assessed suitability.

I Am Me Programme

Learners will be working through
supported changes in their lives and refocusing their energies to lead healthy, positive lives which will include taking steps towards finding and keeping work.

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