Did You Find Your Inner Strength This August?

Do you feel weighed down when you think of all the derailers that exist in teen girls’ lives today? Do you wish that there were more opportunities for young girls to find their true inner self, explore their inner strength & prepare for their future? We understand the challenges young girls face today. Therefore, we created the perfect opportunity to support girls as they navigate their way through the ups & downs of life. The Girls Like Me Summer Camp which took place from the 23rd – 26th August, propelled girls to defend, protect & create their future!

Being a teen girl in the world we live in today can be really challenging. Several derailers constantly surround them. With the pandemic being a disruptor, teen girls feel more instability than ever before.

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Striding Towards Positive Mental Health

A couple of days ago, on the 10th September, World Suicide Prevention Day was observed. According to the WHO, more than 700 000 people die to suicide every year and there are many more who attempt it. It represents the fact that mental health issues are prevalent & there is a need for us to raise awareness. And what better opportunity than now?

We, at The Like Me CIC, believe that mental well-being is of utmost importance. Therefore, we urge that if you see signs of somebody going through a tough time, do reach out to make sure they’re okay. If it turns out to be a false alarm, even then they’ll know that you care for them & support them.

Going through mental health issues is hard! It can sometimes feel impossible to carry on. To anybody who may feel like this, this is a message for you: You’ve made it this far & you will make it through. Depression plays with your mind, so don’t believe everything you think. You are stronger than you think. And you’re not alone. There are people who feel exactly the way you feel and people who love you & support you.

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Change is Transformational

“If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.” – Gail Sheehy

I. Change is inevitable and the only constant in life. Everything in this universe is constantly changing yet the thought of change makes us feel uncomfortable. It makes us feel like we’ve lost control.

As human beings, we look for routine & we love to build our cocoons of comfort. Change can make us feel anxious as it comes with uncertainty.

II. Looking at change in a different light: Since change is constant, we must realise that most of the time we don’t have control over external factors in our life. What we can do is:

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New Beginnings

Fall is approaching & many of us will be returning back to work/school. I’m sure for many of us, our heads are buzzing with ideas & goals! While the thought of summer ending might seem gloomy, knowing that we’re about to enter a new phase is very refreshing! To make this transition great for you, we’ve compiled a list of fun things that you can begin your September (or end your summer) with:

Go to a new place

You know that place you’ve been wanting to visit for the longest time but never got around to. This is the time for you to visit that place! Go to a place you’ve never been to before or one that’s been on your travel list. It doesn’t have to be far away. Alternatively, spend some time in nature. You’ll be amazed at the wonders it can do for you!

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Failure is Freedom

The thing about failure is, that it’s inevitable. We all fail from time to time. Our failure could be associated with exams, a relationship, a business start-up… essentially anything. Many A-Level & GCSE students received their grades earlier this month and didn’t do as well as they would’ve liked (and I was one of them). I know how terrible it feels to fail & sometimes to fail multiple times. It can really wear us down.

But I want to let you know that failure is actually good for you. Now I know you must have read lots of articles online about how to turn your failure into motivation. And it does sound cliché but… it’s possible.

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Who Are Your Role Models?

Role models have a great influence on our lives. Our role models may change as we navigate our way through our lives but they always have an incredible impact on us. Not only do they play a great role in shaping our behaviours & our attitude towards life, they motivate us to reach our full potential!

Take a moment to ponder over who your role models are. They could be your parents, celebrities, influential people (whether in the present or the past)… in essence they can be anybody who you look up to!

Here at The Like Me CIC, our team is thrilled to share our own role models:

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Since we understand the importance of role models, we are conducting a workshop session – Bring Your Own Role Model– on Thursday 26th August as part of our The Girls Like Me Summer Camp. Any teen girl aged 13-17 can come along to this FREE community event. We will be sharing who our role models are with each other on Thursday afternoon. To find out more information about our Summer Camp, visit: https://buff.ly/2VzDR28

Who are your very own role models? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below!

Am I too skinny, too fat, too tall…..?

“Am I too skinny?”

“Am I too fat? Ugh, I look like a potato.”

“I’m sooo hairy! How is this even possible?”

“My nose is just ugly!”

“I’ve got a bush on my head. Why is my hair so frizzy?”

“I’m so short!”

“I’m way too tall!”

– Have these thoughts ever come across your mind? Do you feel like every time you’re choosing outfits or shopping, you’re about to have a breakdown? Do you cancel things last minute because you feel that you don’t fit well into your clothes?

Chances are that you might be suffering from body image issues. A very large percentage of girls & women suffer from body image issues and feel dissatisfied with their bodies. These issues are cultivated in the society that we live in. Growing up, we’re often told that we’re either too “skinny“, too “fat“, too “big” and the list goes on!

The notion that we’re not enough is instilled in us either through people’s comments or through the social media content that we consume. In a day & age, where filters are prevalent and most pictures on social media get photoshopped, it becomes easy for us to compare ourselves to the beauty standards set by celebrities.

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The Summer Of Opportunities

The Summer holidays have come around and you’re finally free from the piles of work that you had to do! You’re planning to finally binge-watch your favourite series on Netflix. With a packet of crisps and a can of coke, you’re all set to go! But… wait a second. While that is great, I feel like there’s more to your summer (and your life).

Take a moment to think about your favourite things to do. Whether it be:

  • Painting,
  • Dancing,
  • Writing,
  • Boxing,
  • Swimming

the list is endless! Whatever it is that makes you feel energetic, I want you to take some time out for it this summer. I want you to take some time out for yourself this summer. Join a club related to your passion. You’ll find that not only will you meet new people but you’ll also improve your skills. And as they say the more you master a skill, the more confident you become in yourself.

It could be very well be that you don’t have a particular hobby and trust me, that too is fine. Try out different things to find out what you’re interested in or maybe volunteer for a cause you’d like to support. I mean, why not? – By being a source of help for somebody else, you’ll find yourself becoming more humble and confident. And yes, both these things are not contradictory.

Another thing you could do this summer is travelling. Has Covid spoiled your plans? Tough luck! There are plenty of beautiful places to see all around you. Try googling some places you’d like to visit in your local area and venture out! Live life, have fun!

Why not begin reading? This summer is a good time to pick up a book. Delve into books that interest you. Alternatively, you could begin reading fiction such as Twilight or Harry Potter. Not only do books stimulate your imagination but there’s so much that you can learn from them. They always leave you more knowledgeable and therefore, more confident!

Personally, I think of time as a blank canvas. I’ve got all sorts of colours on my palette and a paintbrush in hand. It’s up to me which colours I want to choose and how I want to use them to create my very own painting. Similarly, you’ve got this summer and lots of opportunities out there. It’s up to you what you want to take up and how you want to live your summer!

Our mission is to empower 1000 people to ‘climb their mountain’ so that they break down their barriers and reclaim their power. Join us. For more details about how we can help you to climb your mountain – check out our free events here.

Failure Is Only The Beginning.

“Failure is not the opposite of success, it is part of success.” – Unknown

This past week England has experienced a lot of emotions, with Frank Skinners ‘It’s coming home’ blaring all round, creating a sense of community and then the week coming to a head with the Euro 2020 penalties not going quite the way we hoped; causing a catastrophic chain reaction.

Marcus Rashford Mural created by: Street Artist Akse

Funnily enough, some fans must be reminded that Sancho, Saka and Rashford are young men, trying and failing like the rest of us. Their effort was so admirable and knowing they will get back up there and try again is inspiring!

The message to remember for today is:

Don’t be deterred by failure; redefine failure.

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Did You Rise From The Ashes This June?

The Annual Woman Like Me L&B Conference occurred this past June, the 26th. Did you come and Rise From The Ashes at our all day event? Whether you attended or could not make it, we are glad to see you here making the choice to invest in the most important person in your life, you.

To catch the replay of the whole event click below.

Here are some images from the one of kind day:

Have you been working on your poem? Our Wonderful Host Haneefah Muhammed set us a challenge to create an acrostic poem from our first names to empower us to aspire and achieve our goals.

Haneefah’s example: start every letter with a word to complete a sentence.

As my name is Emma I created this short poem from my name:

What will your poem be? Comment below!

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