Leading With Kindness

Choose Kindness

What does it mean to be kind?

Kindness may be described as a positive act towards ourselves and others. We must choose to be kind everyday by making a conscious decision to do something kind whether big or small.

You can show kindness in your day to day lives by holding open a door for someone, smiling at people, being present and listening or even giving a friendly compliment. These small acts of kindness may not seem like a lot but they really can brighten someone’s day, making others feel happy and loved.

There are so many ways to show kindness but remember to be kind to yourself as well as everyone else because you deserve it too! Kindness positively affects our wellbeing improving our life and mood, aiding us to give back and pour kindness into others.

Whether it be positive self-talk, building healthy habits or acts of self-care such as reading your favourite book or setting aside time for downtime, consciously do acts of kindness for yourself too.

Show Kindness Through Compassion

We never really know what people are going through or what obstacles they may be facing so a great way to show kindness is through compassion, being able to sympathise by showing empathy through patience, understanding and treating others how we want to be treated.

Everybody wants to be and feel heard. There is a difference between hearing and listening so one great way to show compassion for others is to truly listen to them by putting away distractions, being fully present and taking an interest in what they have to say. Listen to hear, not to respond.

The 3 Step Freedom Journey

Jasmines development session was created to empower you to come back from rock bottom though being kind and compassionate with ourselves.

Relax, Slow down, Breath and Enjoy life.

For many years Jasmine has been a qualified trainer and coach, in 2018 she became the director for The Like Me CIC women’s empowerment business that helps to inspire women to rise up, positively develop and to show up and shine meaningfully and authentically.

One of the ways Jasmine helps develop women is through her 3 R Freedom steps. Recover, Reconnect, Rise. Click the link below to listen to Jasmines FREE development session. Take back your power.

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