#TWLMLBC June 2020

We gathered on 20th June 2020 for The Women Like Me Luton & Beds Conference and participants described it as:


‘…your event was soooooo great I am a woman empowered…You are inspiring and all the ladies came with insight, empowering words to uplift and strengthen…’


‘…I was really pleased I attended the conference yesterday it brings hope and inspiration when we need to be reminded x’


‘It was amazing. Absolutely incredible’

Toni watched the replay and said

‘It was so interesting to see confident, outgoing women sharing their back stories. I found it enlightening and I found your story [Jasmine] very moving,’

  • Over 6 hours
  • 8 women sharing
  • Empowering, Engaging and Inspiring

The theme was ‘From Feeling Fear to Feeling Free’. It was held on Zoom which allowed the magic to be captured in such a beautiful way, from the comfort of our own homes.

Fear affects each of us in different ways, nevertheless what unites us is that we have all felt fear. Though fear may have held us captive, we wanted to be free. Freedom was being reclaimed. And we were listening to the stories of women who had and who were doing just that. 

A huge thanks goes out to the amazing #TWLMLBC Speaker Line Up of The Women Like Me Luton & Beds Conference 2020. They were each outstanding in their own right and shared so generously. Particular thanks goes to Haneefah Muhammed who hosted the event so humorously and brilliantly. The speakers were:

*Daniella Blechner
*Danielle Bridge
*Debbie Gilbert
*Haneefah Muhammad
*Hasina Rahman
*Jasmine Mbye
*Katrina Sargent
*Samara Barnett

Check out the pics and bios, along with contact details of these amazing speakers here.

It was after this event that Jasmine Mbye, the organiser, realised exactly what this conference is all about…It’s revealing the hidden stories that make us who we are to empower women so they can keep on moving.

It was the start of our mission at The Like Me CIC to empower 1000 women.

Look at the beautiful faces of each woman above. For most of us there we shared our stories of child abuse, divorce, bullying, domestic abuse and rejection and how we are or have overcome. We listened to speaking, song and poetry. We laughed, we cried, we all shared to empower so we could overcome fear.

Below are a some screenshots of the event.

Can you tell it was great? Maybe you weren’t able to join us on the 20th of June, yet you want to move from ‘Feeling Fear to Feeling Free’? You want to be empowered and inspired? Want to find out about the challenges we’ve overcome and are overcoming? Become part of our 1000 empowered women. Watch the replay.

  • Watch over 6 hours at your convenience
  • Be empowered and inspired by these amazing women’s stories
  • Plus receive a bonus PDF The Women Like Me Luton & Beds Conference Notebook

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If you’re an individual here are 2 options and prices:

  1. Access over 6 hours replay and join 2 x 1 hour group TWLMLBC Wellbeing workshops to discuss your notes on thoughts, feelings and learnings after watching. Plus receive the bonus PDF TWLMLBC Notebook. Normal price is £30. Special price is just £22.
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Loving Enough to Leave

It’s ages since I’ve written a blog. However, after The Women Like Me Luton & Beds Conference I’ve re-committed myself to sharing from the heart. My major learning of late is love isn’t always about being there through thick and thin. Sometimes love requires you to leave.

So Why is Leaving Loving?

Firstly, leaving my relationship meant I remembered to love me. It meant I had finally acknowledged that I and my feelings mattered. It meant I had accepted my relationship was toxic and abusive, deciding to stand up for myself and my happiness. For a long time I’d been surviving and felt like I was slowly dying inside. I lost connection with myself so didn’t realised how anxious I’d become or that I was becoming depressed. Losing the fight needed for my hopes and dreams to become a reality. Slipping into a state of existence, numbed existence, where I just go through the motions. Leaving meant loving myself so I could stop trying to be okay and just start being again.

Another reason why leaving was an act of love is because it meant my daughter would be able to grow up with a mum who breathed. What I mean by that is a mum who was present, who lived in the moment, who felt. Instead of a mum struggling, falling into depression and anxiety and simply trying to survive. My example would be one that she could follow in life and relationships. As I would learn how to set and uphold appropriate boundaries including being treated with respect and love. Leaving was love as my daughter would now be in a home environment in which she would feel safe because I felt safe.

The last reason why leaving was loving is because I didn’t stop loving my partner. I just stopped hoping and wishing he would change. I recognised change was something he had to want for himself but I didn’t have to suffer while he figured that out. I realised leaving would give him the chance to see just how damaging his behaviour had been. A chance to reflect and see ‘it wasn’t that bad’ was a lie. I knew, however, change might never come and whether it did or didn’t wasn’t on me. I left that to him and God. Leaving was the loving slap that might awaken him and I wasn’t looking to benefit from it. I wasn’t going to look back.

Leaving meant my life took unexpected turns that VERY few understood. It meant my life sunk to depths I never imagined. Here I was a professional, a business women in refuge. On top of that I wasn’t 100% sure that I was doing the right thing. Yet leaving meant I was free. Free to learn and free love again. Starting with myself.

There’s a saying, if you love something set it free and if it’s yours it’ll come back to you. Love yourself, set yourself free and you’ll come back to you. I’m here to tell the tale. And I’m breathing with a smile on my face. There’s life after abuse. You can recover. And you can learn to love yourself again.

All the best

Jasmine ??

Speaker, Trainer, Coach and Director of The Like Me CIC.

Jasmine is determined to make a positive difference to females in Luton and Bedfordshire. Primarily through events, training and in future a magazine. Jasmine shares her story to empower and encourage others. Jasmine’s authenticity comes from her belief that when she lets her light shine, others are encouraged to do the same.