Did You Find Your Inner Strength This August?

Do you feel weighed down when you think of all the derailers that exist in teen girls’ lives today? Do you wish that there were more opportunities for young girls to find their true inner self, explore their inner strength & prepare for their future? We understand the challenges young girls face today. Therefore, we created the perfect opportunity to support girls as they navigate their way through the ups & downs of life. The Girls Like Me Summer Camp which took place from the 23rd – 26th August, propelled girls to defend, protect & create their future!

Being a teen girl in the world we live in today can be really challenging. Several derailers constantly surround them. With the pandemic being a disruptor, teen girls feel more instability than ever before.

But all is not lost! When girls are provided with the ideal opportunities & an environment where they can feel safe, seen & supported, they’re equipped to live their lives in a meaningful way. Through our Summer Camp workshops, which included learning effective self-defence techniques as well as focusing on who our role models are, we were able to support girls in not only creating but also protecting their future.

“I know the power a young girl carries in her heart” – Malala Yousafzai

We held virtual morning workshops too, which focused on building confidence, resilience, motivation and becoming the best versions of ourselves. Here’s some insightful feedback from the attendees:

The morning learning sessions were very insightful. Encouraging me to focus on my achievements, keeping it consistent. Inspiring me to put words into actions.


The understanding that I gained from the morning workshops was that failure is part of success and it’s something I’d never grasped before!


I was able to understand the key factors that build resilience. I also realised what motivates me in life and was therefore able to pinpoint the things that demotivate me. They were eye-opening sessions for me!


Did you or a teen girl you know attend our Summer Camp? If you missed it, nothing to worry about! Save The Date- 9th October 2021. We’ll be holding our Annual Girls Like Me Conference focusing on Digital Generation: The Power & Pitfalls! We’re inviting teen girls & their female guardians to create awareness on the pitfalls & the power of the digital generation. Find your inner strength with us this October. You can attend it in-person as well as virtually as it’s a hybrid event!

Our aim is to provide young girls the tools they need to better navigate their teen years. We’ve organised engaging activities for girls to take part in e.g. entertaining yet educational quizzes. Inspiring guest speakers will be narrating their stories in their own words to empower teen girls on their journey! They will be discussing how being a part of this digital generation has impacted young girls & how we can explore the power of the digital generation. For more information, click here.

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