The Summer Of Opportunities

The Summer holidays have come around and you’re finally free from the piles of work that you had to do! You’re planning to finally binge-watch your favourite series on Netflix. With a packet of crisps and a can of coke, you’re all set to go! But… wait a second. While that is great, I feel like there’s more to your summer (and your life).

Take a moment to think about your favourite things to do. Whether it be:

  • Painting,
  • Dancing,
  • Writing,
  • Boxing,
  • Swimming

the list is endless! Whatever it is that makes you feel energetic, I want you to take some time out for it this summer. I want you to take some time out for yourself this summer. Join a club related to your passion. You’ll find that not only will you meet new people but you’ll also improve your skills. And as they say the more you master a skill, the more confident you become in yourself.

It could be very well be that you don’t have a particular hobby and trust me, that too is fine. Try out different things to find out what you’re interested in or maybe volunteer for a cause you’d like to support. I mean, why not? – By being a source of help for somebody else, you’ll find yourself becoming more humble and confident. And yes, both these things are not contradictory.

Another thing you could do this summer is travelling. Has Covid spoiled your plans? Tough luck! There are plenty of beautiful places to see all around you. Try googling some places you’d like to visit in your local area and venture out! Live life, have fun!

Why not begin reading? This summer is a good time to pick up a book. Delve into books that interest you. Alternatively, you could begin reading fiction such as Twilight or Harry Potter. Not only do books stimulate your imagination but there’s so much that you can learn from them. They always leave you more knowledgeable and therefore, more confident!

Personally, I think of time as a blank canvas. I’ve got all sorts of colours on my palette and a paintbrush in hand. It’s up to me which colours I want to choose and how I want to use them to create my very own painting. Similarly, you’ve got this summer and lots of opportunities out there. It’s up to you what you want to take up and how you want to live your summer!

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