The Summer Of Opportunities

The Summer holidays have come around and you’re finally free from the piles of work that you had to do! You’re planning to finally binge-watch your favourite series on Netflix. With a packet of crisps and a can of coke, you’re all set to go! But… wait a second. While that is great, I feel like there’s more to your summer (and your life).

Take a moment to think about your favourite things to do. Whether it be:

  • Painting,
  • Dancing,
  • Writing,
  • Boxing,
  • Swimming

the list is endless! Whatever it is that makes you feel energetic, I want you to take some time out for it this summer. I want you to take some time out for yourself this summer. Join a club related to your passion. You’ll find that not only will you meet new people but you’ll also improve your skills. And as they say the more you master a skill, the more confident you become in yourself.

It could be very well be that you don’t have a particular hobby and trust me, that too is fine. Try out different things to find out what you’re interested in or maybe volunteer for a cause you’d like to support. I mean, why not? – By being a source of help for somebody else, you’ll find yourself becoming more humble and confident. And yes, both these things are not contradictory.

Another thing you could do this summer is travelling. Has Covid spoiled your plans? Tough luck! There are plenty of beautiful places to see all around you. Try googling some places you’d like to visit in your local area and venture out! Live life, have fun!

Why not begin reading? This summer is a good time to pick up a book. Delve into books that interest you. Alternatively, you could begin reading fiction such as Twilight or Harry Potter. Not only do books stimulate your imagination but there’s so much that you can learn from them. They always leave you more knowledgeable and therefore, more confident!

Personally, I think of time as a blank canvas. I’ve got all sorts of colours on my palette and a paintbrush in hand. It’s up to me which colours I want to choose and how I want to use them to create my very own painting. Similarly, you’ve got this summer and lots of opportunities out there. It’s up to you what you want to take up and how you want to live your summer!

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How To Be An Ally

In honour of Pride Month we would like to share some tips with you on how to be a (better) ally for those you love. The world is increasingly becoming uncertain with divided opinions and standpoints, with the common denominator being the fact that we all want to fight for what we believe in. How can you fight for what you believe in? Become an ally!

What is an ally? An ally is someone who may not be a member of a community, but supports them. Whether it's to combat; racism, sexism, homophobia and/or the absence of mental wellbeing awareness you can recognise your privilege and use this to empower others.

We encourage you to do more research on your own to properly start your journey as this is an important topic that can change lives.

Go from curious to courageous.

“Unity makes the community!” – The Like Me CIC

The time is always right, to do something right.” – Martin Luther King JR

Here are 8 suggestions to be a (better) Ally:

  1. Acknowledge & Understand Your Privilege
  2. Educate Yourself With Research
  3. Never Stop Learning
  4. Listen!
  5. Speak Up / Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable
  6. Avoid “Performative Allyship”
  7. Learn From Your Mistakes
  8. Amplify The Voices & Messages Of Those You Support
  9. Show up.

To learn more in detail about how you can be a better ally click here.

The puzzle pieces of becoming an ally work together to create a better sense of community and reach towards the goal of equality and unity. We can all learn more, so why not?

The main message of these tips is for you to be open for putting yourself out there in order to stand up for what you believe in. Try to be consistent and considerate to those you support and those you do not agree with.

I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is the garbage man or the president of the university.” ― Albert Einstein

It’s important to recognise that we can empower and help others without being disrespectful. ” In a gentle way, you can shake the world” – Mahatma Ghandi.

We all have the ability to help others and its our choice if we want to enforce it. Are you an ally?

Our mission is to empower 1000 women to ‘climb their mountain’ so that they break down their barriers and reclaim their power. Join us. For more details about how we can help you to ‘climb your mountain’ – check out our free events here

The Worst Thing We Can Do As Women Is…

In this world we can do a lot of damage, without even realising it.

The polar ice caps for example, are melting faster than ever, or the fact that 8 Million tons of plastic enter our oceans every year. As a species we impact everything we touch, but as women, really what is the worst thing we can do?

” – And this is something that we can practice everyday, no matter where we are or what we do – because if we are united, there is no limit to what we can do” – Amal Clooney

I would argue there is a lot of leeway regarding this statement, laws exist for a reason right? As women we have come a long way to collectively stand tall and be proud of ourselves, rising through the cracks of adversity and breaking the barriers of expectation. Therefore, in a way, standing in the way of success and empowerment is the worst thing you can do. Whereas, should recognition be the source of motivation? Of course not! Our passion and diligence drive us no matter the cause and effect.

There is another very known saying…

“In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.”

Theodore Roosevelt

What should you take from this? Spring into action! Become your own role model and “Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Ghandi.

We can sit here debating this all day, women should support other women. It costs nothing and community and togetherness is so important as we are always being inspired and enlightened by those around us.

Life is in no way black and white. We must live our lives’ to the fullest by being unapologetically ourselves and shining a light on things you are passionate about, not just other women but for everything you stand for.

The worst thing we can do as women is bring others down and to bring down ourselves. Wasted potential is something we can avoid if we support and empower one another to achieve everyday!

It’s pride month! We would like to give a special shout out to our LGBTQ+ friends, family and supporters to let you know we support you always. You are an inspiration for having the courage to be truly you – continue that courage through pursuing the things you believe in, to pave the way for the next generation of visionaries and trail blazers. We are stronger together.

Our mission is to empower 1000 women to ‘climb their mountain’ so that they break down their barriers and reclaim their power. Join us. For more details about how we can help you to ‘climb your mountain’, check out our free events here. To book a chat with jasmine to discuss wellbeing and what we can offer click here.

How To Deal With Stress

Since April is Stress Awareness Month and the Covid lockdown measures seem to be lifting I thought it would be a good idea to reflect on how to take care of yourself during these difficult times.

The Corona Virus has been around for over a year now and during hard times stress levels will naturally rise as the level of uncertainty increases. The pandemic is here for the long haul and we need to do all that we can as a community to help fight the spread of it. What we need to remember though, is that we cannot control anything that is beyond us. Spiralling out of control is no good for anyone therefore we would advise you to focus on what you can control; your own thoughts and actions.

“There is no point stressing over something you have no control over.  Move on and grow stronger.”

Here are some tips to deal with stress:

Exercise – This releases endorphins that naturally reduce the stress hormone and improve your sleep cycle and self-image.

Light a candle – Candles are known to be calming and relaxing, certain scents such as lavender and orange blossom can help reduce stress through calming scents (aromatherapy).

Write it down – Do not focus on the negative things, rather keep a diary of what went well and things you are grateful for on a daily basis. This will help you see the positive side and reduce anxiety levels.

Spend time with friends and family – that be it virtually. Spending time with friends and family is proven to be a natural stress reliever as oxytocin (the love hormone) is released. Support is important for living a balanced life and having strong social ties can help you get through stressful times.

All of these activities can and will help you reduce stress as they force you to live in the moment. Do not worry about things out of your control and learn to live in the moment. Most importantly, do not let stress consume you as it is not worth it, have fun with your daily life.

Our mission is to empower 1000 women to ‘climb their mountain’ so that they break down their barriers and reclaim their power. Join us. For more details about how we can help you to ‘climb your mountain’ – check out our free events here.

How Michelle Obama Became

There is the well-known saying – no pain, no gain.

Do you ever feel like the odds are stacked against you? Well in Michelle Obamas case, this was true. Growing up an African American in the 60’s in a small home in Chicago provided to be her first hurdle of many. With her father falling very ill, suffering with Multiple Sclerosis, this pushed Michelle to be a good, ambitious student.

While studying sociology at Princeton University, Michelle then realised “that everyday drain of being in a deep minority.” Living during a time when schools were white male dominated and the difficulty of standing out was prevalent.

If there is no struggle, there is no progress” – Frederick Douglass

Now; Michelle Obama is a lawyer, writer and the wife of former U.S. President Barack Obama. Prior to her role as first lady, she was a lawyer, Chicago city administrator and community-outreach worker. But how did she get there?

Michelle rose to success through determination and persistence, not letting deterrents such as lack of opportunities affect her and focusing on thriving possibilities and the potential for greatness. Michelle was always captivated with helping others and found that her true calling is working with people to serve their communities. Therefore, when Michelle became the First Lady of The United States she found herself in a position of power and influence.

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