Make May Work For You! – Tips on How To Improve Your Mental Health.

May is the last month of spring… But that’s not the only thing happening this month, it is both Maternal Mental Health Awareness week and Mental Health Awareness Week with the refreshing theme of Nature. Why nature? Well during the pandemic, a time when in-person social interaction is deemed a luxury, nature has always be there for us. So, in a time when people cannot be close, we can be close with nature.

Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

Now I’m not saying be one with nature and go disappear into the mountains for 6 months, but recognising that you need to take care of yourself first and to appreciate the little things is needed to live life to the fullest. And one of the ways to relax and reboot would be to observe Mother Nature in all her glory. Listen to rustling trees, the birds chirping, squirrels scattering, rainbows forming… Learn to live in the present and put yourself first.

Mothers are undoubtedly the backbone on society; nurturing, guiding and providing for our future Teachers, Law Makers, Firefighters and more. During this time mothers devote their life to the responsibility of their children therefore it’s really important that they get the rest bite and guidance they need to be their best self for themselves and their children’s benefit.

Mental Health Awareness Month 2020

Here our some things to do to improve your mental health:

  1. Connect With People
  2. Be Physically Active
  3. Learn New Skills
  4. Give To Others
  5. Mindfulness – Pay Attention To The Present Moment

To read more about the activities you can do to improve your mental health click here.

Saying this, lists are no miracle workers, we appreciate it is harder than it looks to complete all of your daily tasks let alone going out of your way to be a better you. Our advice would be to start with one step. Willingness. Be open to try new things and try to aspire to succeed.

Mindset is the only tool you need to get the ball rolling. Are you getting the ball rolling?

You Matter.

Our mission is to empower 1000 women to ‘climb their mountain’ so that they break down their barriers and reclaim their power. Join us – For more details about how we can help you to ‘climb your mountain’ – check out our free events here.

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