It brings us great pleasure to announce Hasna Weaver our final speaker at The Woman Like Me L&B Conference 2022.

Here’s a little introduction into Hasna and why she has been selected to reveal her hidden story to empower YOU! She’s going to share with you so that you will ‘Rise & Shine Queen’ like the queen you are.

Hasna was born in Bangladesh and came to the UK when she was seven years old.

She Was forced to get married at the age of 17. She stayed in an abusive marriage for 14 years.

She enjoyed a social work career for 15 years before leaving to look after her elderly parents. She rediscovered her love of poetry during this time, she enjoys performing publicly.

She self published “Glowing Despite The Dark” at the end of 2021. A book about her life, however it is the story of all those have endured trauma. It is intended to support other and give the hope.

Hasna is a Spiritual Life Coach and loves working with women.

Wow. We are extremely grateful that Hasna will be sharing with us on Saturday 25th of June. Watch this space to find out what Hasna will be sharing on to empower YOU.

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And remember to tell your friends and family, as we can all do with being more empowered and inspired right?

We look forward to you joining us.

Keep Shining 🌟

Take care
Jasmine 😊

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