It brings us great pleasure to announce Sabeena Suneram will be a speaker at The Woman Like Me L&B Conference 2022!

Here’s a little introduction into Sabeena and why she has been selected to reveal her hidden story to empower YOU! To share with you so that you will ‘Rise & Shine Queen’. Like you were born too.

Sabeena is a financial educator, a financial coach, a property investor and a business owner.

By profession she is an IT project manager, has a Bachelor’s and a Masters in Computing. She realised early on that a person cannot build wealth on a day job. She believed in order to grow she would need to empower herself with knowledge and resources.  

Seven years ago she started to look into personal development and self education. She got mentors and coaches to guide her to embrace a journey into securing her finances. She started to invest in property and other investments. Then she trained as a financial educator as she wanted to help and serve others to have a better life. 

Fast forward seven years she is now financially free, she has built a property portfolio and is also a business owner. She now coaches people who want to secure their finances no matter what their past and their current stage in their finances. She teaches women and families the simple steps they can take to secure their finances. She covers techniques that people can use to achieve their financial goals and move to the next level of their finances. 

Wow! We are extremely grateful that Sabeena will be sharing with us on Saturday 25th of June. Watch this space to find out what exactly Sabeena will be sharing. πŸ€”

If you haven’t got your ticket, then how do you expect to hear and feel the inspiration and empowerment Sabeena will bring? Don’t delay and don’t miss out, get your ticket now right here.

And remember to tell your friends and family, as we can all do with being more empowered and inspired right?

We look forward to you joining us.

Keep Shining 🌟

Take care
Jasmine 😊

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