Who Are Our Speakers At The Girls Like Me Conference?

The Girls Like Me Conference is happening this coming Saturday, 9th of October! It’s a one of a kind, inspirational day, organised to enlighten teen girls on the power & the pitfalls of our digital generation. Inviting all girls & their female guardians! Attend in-person at Marsh Farm Futures House or virtually from 1pm -5pm.

Meet Ayo Awotona: Program Facilitator & Keynote Speaker

Ayo Awotona is a renowned international public speaker, author, educator, self-taught Spanish speaker, & content creator.

Ayo’s mission is to raise female leaders up with healthy self-esteem so that they are equipped to discover their identity and purpose in life.

This originated from her real-life experiences of dealing with body image dysmorphia, almost committing suicide, and low self-esteem. Now, Ayo has empowered 22,000 young people, parents, and educators across the United Kingdom, Central America & Nigeria through delivering high-impact programs, assemblies, and keynote speeches. She continues to make an impact across the world!

Ayo will be doing a presentation on the topic of ‘The 4-step process to boosting your self-esteem’ to equip girls with the tools they need to build their self-esteem. Her core message is based on self-worth – focusing primarily on providing growth mindset & confidence-building strategies. Come along to embark on a journey of living your life more meaningfully, authentically and confidently. You can book your tickets now at: https://buff.ly/3ugxAFM

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