Who Are Your Role Models?

Role models have a great influence on our lives. Our role models may change as we navigate our way through our lives but they always have an incredible impact on us. Not only do they play a great role in shaping our behaviours & our attitude towards life, they motivate us to reach our full potential!

Take a moment to ponder over who your role models are. They could be your parents, celebrities, influential people (whether in the present or the past)… in essence they can be anybody who you look up to!

Here at The Like Me CIC, our team is thrilled to share our own role models:

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Since we understand the importance of role models, we are conducting a workshop session – Bring Your Own Role Model– on Thursday 26th August as part of our The Girls Like Me Summer Camp. Any teen girl aged 13-17 can come along to this FREE community event. We will be sharing who our role models are with each other on Thursday afternoon. To find out more information about our Summer Camp, visit: https://buff.ly/2VzDR28

Who are your very own role models? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below!

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