Did You Rise From The Ashes This June?

The Annual Woman Like Me L&B Conference occurred this past June, the 26th. Did you come and Rise From The Ashes at our all day event? Whether you attended or could not make it, we are glad to see you here making the choice to invest in the most important person in your life, you.

To catch the replay of the whole event click below.

Here are some images from the one of kind day:

Have you been working on your poem? Our Wonderful Host Haneefah Muhammed set us a challenge to create an acrostic poem from our first names to empower us to aspire and achieve our goals.

Haneefah’s example: start every letter with a word to complete a sentence.

As my name is Emma I created this short poem from my name:

What will your poem be? Comment below!

On our part the Virtual aspect of the Hybrid Event proved to be a challenge, with our team working together to ensure you could hear and see us; although it did not go perfectly to plan, we enjoyed the challenge and the community coming together to try and connect with one another in spite of difficulties, we appreciate you bearing with us and leaving this amazing feedback:

Wonderful event, so much raw emotion AND positivity.


I loved your poem – you are always a true inspiration x


I’ve loved EVERY minute. Thank You xx


“Powerful women, such positivity and love.”


We would like to give our fantastic, courageous speakers a MASSIVE thank you! All you have shared and presented will resonate with our attendees and our team for a long time to come. We could not have done this without you!

What stuck with you most after attending The Woman Like Me L&B Conference?

What stuck with me was the fact that no matter how alone you feel, you are truly never alone; there will always be kind, relatable people just a chat away, you just need to reach out. Another thing would be the fact that I can achieve anything I put my mind to.

What would you achieve if you could do anything in the world?

Our mission is to empower 1000 women to ‘climb their mountain’ so that they break down their barriers and reclaim their power. Join us – For more details about how we can help you to climb your mountain – check out our free events here.

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