The Woman Like Me L&B Conference Replay 2021

The Woman Like Me L&B Conference Replay 2021

Rising From The Ashes

Embark on a 6 hour empowerment journey with out 9 incredible speakers sharing their hidden stories to empower you. Become inspired by what a diverse group of women have risen up to overcome and gone on to achieve. 

Choose how to experience this journey; whether you binge watch the full 6 hours or take it in segments of 2 hours each and reflect on the inspirational content provided. It's up to you however you decide to watch, the important thing is to purchase your access now!

Memorable quotes from the Speakers:

"surviving is not living" 

"Sometimes your greatest fall is your greatest freedom."

"sometimes we need a breakdown to have a breakthrough"

  • 6 hours
  • 9 speakers
  • Inspiration, Empowerment & Amazement


The Women Like Me Conference attendees described the day as:

" Wonderful event, so much raw emotion AND positivity. " - Donna

"Amazing group of people, thank you for sharing incredibly moving stories that inspired me to be more confident in myself" - Emma

" Thank you so much for sharing their stories, empowering us to live our best lives. Powerful women, such positivity and love. " - Susan

" I've loved EVERY minute. Thank You xx " - Carol

How will you describe the conference? Watch to find out...

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