The Woman Like Me L&B Conference Recording 2021

The Woman Like Me L&B Conference Recording 2021

Embark on a 6 hour empowerment journey with out 9 incredible speakers sharing their hidden stories to empower you. Become inspired with our diverse take on experiences and relationships. 

To best experience this journey; take it in snippets of 2 hours each and reflect on the inspirational content provided. 

Memorable quotes from the Speakers:

"surviving is not living" 

"Sometimes your greatest fall is your greatest freedom."

"sometimes we need a breakdown to have a breakthrough"


Luton & Beds Conference attendees described the day as:

" Wonderful event, so much raw emotion AND positivity. " - Donna

"Amazing group of people, thank you for sharing incredibly moving stories that inspired me to be more confident in myself" - Emma

" Thank you so much for sharing their stories, empowering us to live our best lives. Powerful women, such positivity and love. " - Susan

" I've loved EVERY minute. Thank You xx " - Carol

Toni watched last years replay and said:

'It was so interesting to see confident, outgoing women sharing their back stories. I found it enlightening and I found your story [Jasmine] very moving,’