Rise From The Ashes With Jasmine Mbye

The annual Woman Like Me L&B Conference is taking place this June, Saturday the 26th. This years theme is Rising From The Ashes and our guest speakers will share stories from the heart about how they have risen from the ashes. Our mission is to reveal hidden stories that make us who we are to empower women. To attend register your ticket here. Act quick as the early bird sale ends June 2nd! This year you have the power to choose between in person and virtual attendance! Get your ticket now!

Jasmine Mbye

Jasmine Mbye Jasmine is an accomplished Speaker, Trainer, Coach and the Director of The Like Me CIC. Above all of this she’s a wife and mum. Jasmine was born in Bedfordshire but lived most of her life in London. Jasmine married in 2013, returning to Bedfordshire in 2015.

Jasmine has always had a heart for working with women but was reluctant to work with girls although many suggested it. However, after having her first child in 2017, Jasmine was inspired to work with girls as she was blessed with a beautiful baby girl.

Jasmine has overcome many struggles in her life from a dysfunctional and abusive childhood to a toxic and abusive marriage. Yet, she has found her faith and inner work, personal development, has helped her recover from situations that would otherwise have been soul destroying. Jasmine describes herself as an overcomer, choosing to becoming better and stronger, not allowing what she’s been through to define her.

It’s this determination that leads Jasmine to make a positive difference to females throughout the UK and beyond. Jasmine shares her story to empower and inspire others. Jasmine’s authenticity comes from her belief that when she lets her light shine others are encouraged to do the same.

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