Does Your Organisation Need A Kickstart?

Perhaps the biggest obstacle young people are facing today is the lack of opportunity to gain experience at the start of their professional lives. The pandemic has further aggravated the issue.

How can young people who’re full of potential gain the essential experience they need? How can organisations boost their business easily?

The solution to all of these questions is none other than the Government Funded Kickstart Scheme! The Kickstart Scheme provides funding to employers who create new jobs for young people. An initiative that allows organisations to invest in their business by employing a young, aspiring person with potential at no financial cost. How incredible is that!

Are you willing to hire a young aspiring person to expand your organisation? Would you like to know more about the Kickstart Scheme? Register at to watch our FREE Kickstart Support Session on Wednesday 3rd November to find out all the details you need!

The Kickstart Scheme enables growth for both the business and the young employee. Through this opportunity, you get to access a reservoir of young people who have the potential and are ready for the opportunity, at no cost to your organisation. As of 22 July 2021, 50,000 young people had started jobs, and as of 21 July, over 155,000 job placements had been approved and made available.

Join this session to discover:

  • How the Kickstart Scheme can boost your organisation
  • Important Kickstart information on job placement criteria
  • Tips & advice on the process
  • How we can support you in maximising value from your Kickstart placement

By hiring a young person, you’ll be joining the national effort to support young aspiring people with potential into employment. Give your organisation the boost it needs while enriching a young person with the experience they require- a win:win situation! Seize the opportunity to invest in your business through the highly successful yet limited Kickstart Scheme before time runs out!

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