Meet Sabrina, the first revealed TWLMLBC speaker!

Our annual Woman Like Me L & B Conference is taking place this June, Saturday, the 26th. This years theme is Rising From The Ashes and our speakers will share stories from the heart about how they have risen from the ashes. Our mission is to reveal the hidden stories that make us who we are to empower women. To attend you must register your ticket here. This year you have the power to choose between in person and virtual attendance.

To get the chance to win a FREE ticket to this event don’t hesitate to enter your details to our Prize Draw for the chance to attend completely free of charge! Runner ups don’t fret as you will be provided with an early bird discount of up to 40% off!

Sabrina Bakare

Sabrina Bakare is a British 400m athlete and former IAAF World Youth Champion. Following her great achievements in athletics and starting university she experienced numerous setbacks through injury and being diagnosed with Lupus. Despite this, she graduated with a 1st Class Honours degree in psychology and her passion is mental health & well-being.

The hurdles Sabrina has had to overcome to get to this point in life at a young age, shows the mental strength and toughness she has. Sabrina lives by the mantra, ‘Mind over Matter’ which motivates her to preserve in all her endeavours; which she has demonstrated time and time again by never giving up on anything. Sabrina has a high level of resilience which underlines all of her success to date.

Sabrina now uses her qualification and personal experience to provide open discussion on mental health issues, removing stigma associated as well as promoting positive mental health and well-being.

Recently, Sabrina has founded MindMindfully; a series of bespoke workshops designed to help people pay attention to their mind in the present moment.

Fun fact: I’m a twin!

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