Well Done and Thank You!

Hi, it’s Jasmine here.

Thanks for joining me on this Lunch & Learn empowerment journey. I look forward to sharing some great tools, techniques, stories and strategies with you over lunch soon. I commend you for taking action and investing in yourself. Here’s to a more empowered YOU!

‘The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself. The more you learn, the more you earn.’ Warren Buffett

Now, there are a few more steps.

1. Click here to register on Zoom now! It will open on another page. If you’re anything like me, you need to do it now, before you get distracted.

2. Download your bonus affirmations cards. We mentioned a bonus and here it is. Click on the black download button to download the file. I hope you like them and feel free to share. (Please tag us if you share on social media).

3. When it’s good, share. (If it’s not cake).

Think of who who you know that could benefit from attending the Empowering You Lunch & Learn and share this fantastic development opportunity with them. Or simply share on your socials to let everyone know. Here’s the link: https://ow.ly/VzIz50PS5pO. Remember it’s good to share and you never know who might be looking for an opportunity like this.

4. Consider upgrading to our Empowering You Development Programme.

The development programme is only for those who are really serious about ending 2023 in the best possible place and starting 2024 strong. It’s extends upon the Lunch & Learn to allow for more interaction, feedback and response from you. It provides an opportunity for discussions around the worksheets but more importantly, supports the application of what you’ve learned. In addition to the 3 Lunch & Learn modules, the Empowering You Development Programme is either 8 or 16 weeks and includes the following:

• 3 Group live virtual development sessions

• 2 Goal Forward Lunch & Learns

• Virtual 1-2-1

• Additional worksheets

• Extended access to the recordings of the Lunch & Learn sessions, development sessions and 1-2-1.

There are a small number of spaces for this programme. For more details and to discuss this fantastic opportunity with Jasmine click here.

Lastly, look out for our prep email the week before our lunch which will reveal you have another bonus and how to prepare.

Until then, take care and see you soon.