Who Are Our Speakers At The Girls Like Me Conference?

The Girls Like Me Conference is happening this coming Saturday, the 9th of October! Inviting all girls & their female guardians! We’ve organised this community event to help equip girls with the tools they need to better navigate their teen years to go on to become optimistic, fulfilled & successful adults! Attend in-person or virtually from 1pm -5pm to embark on a journey of living your life more meaningfully, authentically and confidently.

Meet Sabrina Durant: CEO, Interior Designer and one of our influential speakers at TGLMC

Sabrina Durant witnessed violence & abuse at a very young age which led her to go into a shell. At this point, writing, drawing and creativity became a medium for her to express herself & this is where her passion for Interior Design began.

She realised that though she couldn’t change her past, she was in control of her future. She had the power within herself to become the woman she always wanted to be!

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