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We are a community of women who come together to empower and inspire one another. This is the focus of all that we do. We’re on a mission to empower 1000 women. Take a look to see how we might empower and inspire you and how you might do the same for others with us.

If you are wondering what kind of women are in The Women Like Me Community, and whether you are a woman like me, watch this video from Jasmine…

If you want to know how you can engage with us, check out our Development Opportunities here, including the Freebies here. 😊

The Women Like Me Luton & Beds Conference

Following up on last years conference, The Like Me CIC is coming together again to host ‘The Women Like Me Conference: ‘Rising from the Ashes’ an all-day conference on Saturday, June 26th, 2021.

It’s been a tough year with many of us feeling like we’re losing hope and motivation, becoming more anxious and alienated. Women’s wellbeing has disproportionately declined within the last year. A reported 60% of women are struggling to stay positive.

Or maybe life has been a constant battle and after the last year you’re feeling really weary. Is that you? If so, you’re not alone.

Let rise together from this universal time of difficulty and uncertainty, spreading hope, positivity, inspiration and courage with not just our loverd ones, but our entire community.

Come along to be empowered so you can go on to empower.

#TWLML&BC is a hybrid event, meaning you can either participate either in person, at the Luton venue, or virtually, on Zoom. So whether you want to sit and eat together with us and meet the speakers or be touched by hearing authentic and heartfelt personal stories from the comfort of your home, is your choice.

We are bringing back some of your favourite speakers as well as adding fantastic new voices to reveal their hidden stories that make them who they are, as well as insights to empower you to ‘rise from the ashes.’

Women from all backgrounds and experiences are welcomed and encouraged to attend. The conference offers a variety of speakers for people with diverse and different experiences.

The Women Like Me L&B Conference is a time of empowerment, inspiration, encouragement and entertainment. It is not to be missed. So, invest in yourself and buy a ticket because you are worth it! In fact, who else would you like to share this experience with? Why not get them a ticket too!

Get your tickets now with the early bird discount! They are in limited supply.

You might be wondering, who are the speakers?

The amazing speakers for this conference are; our very own Jasmine Mbye, Sabrina Bakare, Sophie Medlin, Hasina Rahman, Daniela Svampa Cowie, Vivian Moyo, Marie-LouiseAmena Rawr and our host, Haneefah Muhammed!

To find out more about each individual speaker, please click here.

Not only will each woman have a great uplifting day but there is also the opportunity to connect with local businesses and organisations. For those businesses and organisations interested in partnering with us to promote their business/organisation register here and we will be in touch.

Remember to let us know if you have any questions or special requirements. Please do get in touch with us.

Get your ticket below!

It was 2020 and in spite of lockdown we were determined to make that year’s conference even better. To remove any potential issues we took it live on Zoom and the date was Saturday, 20th June 2020. The theme was From Feeling Fear to Feeling Free and it was pretty amazing!

We looked at the fears that are most common to us women. To find out more about the conference, see some screenshots or even find out how you might watch the fantastic replay. Check out our latest blog here.

The first ever event was in May 2018 put on by Luton Council. We took the baton holding the conference on Friday, 14th June 2019 at Venue 360 from 9am to 5pm. It bought together over 70 women from all walks of Luton life, all faiths, all ethnicities, all ages and they were empowered, encouraged and inspired as indicated by the feedback. Check out the previous speaker pictures and bios here and the event pics here.

The Saturday Cuppa

So, where can we go to get together and have a good chat, laugh, be encouraged and share and solve some problems on a monthly basis for FREE?… I don’t know….So we created that space and place. We’ve moved to a monthly meeting albeit virtually. So join us at 10.00am on the third Saturday of each month. Come back soon to get your Eventbrite ticket. We look forward to seeing you there.


The Women Like Me Luton Magazine

This will be produced quarterly with stories of women within Luton & Beds, or those of interest to women residing here, women who have gone through great challenges and overcome difficulties. We what to share about women who are living the life they want and showing up in the world as they want to be seen. Visit this page again soon for more information.