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Affirmations are a powerful tool in development. Please download our FREE Affirmations poster here. That’s one our free gifts to you so you can start your developing the mindset to move forward.

Jasmine is passionate about affirmations as she knows personally just how powerful they are. Jasmine’s tips are:

    • Personalise your affirmations.
    • Commit to saying them morning and night
    • Say them out loud, like you mean it

No details are required so if you haven’t, download the free Affirmations poster here.

YouTube Channel

The Like Me CIC recently started a YouTube channel. There you’ll be able to see Jasmine’s interviews from her radio show called The Dynamic Duos Take on Life on Luton Urban Radio, along with other videos.

Head here to watch the first interview with Daniela Svampa Cowie on Domestic Abuse. Subscribe to get updates of when new recordings are added.

Jasmine joins her co-host Lenny T on the second and fourth Monday of each Month between 8-10pm. Check out the show live at With interesting topics of discussion and guest speakers, to miss it is to miss out!

Development Session

We offer a FREE 60 minute development session. This session is for those who are embarking on a journey to a place of freedom, where they are confident, courageous and celebratory having overcome.

For more details and to register:

  • Click here for our next daytime session.
  • Or click here to for our next evening session.

The challenges you may be on a journey to overcome are:

    • abuse
    • bullying
    • exploitation
    • violence
    • Common Mental Health Disorders (anxiety, depression and stress)

Rated 10 out 10 by attendees. This development session has been designed by Jasmine to give you the tools and action steps for real progress. Register here for the daytime or here for the evening time development session now before it’s too late!

Insight Call

You are invited to book a FREE 30 minute telephone Insight Call with Jasmine here. It’s best placed after having attended the 3R Journey to Freedom Development Session

This is where you get to have a two-way conversation with Jasmine. During the Insight Call Jasmine will enable you to gain clarity on where you are, where you want to be and how you can get there. It also allows you both to see how you can be best supported on your journey.

Zubeda said about her Insight Call

…I feel stronger, motivated like I am getting out of the swirl in my head…Thank you for your inspiring sincerity, and your vibes that touch my inner most being…you want me to be the best I can xxx.

Book your FREE 30 minute telephone Insight Call here now!