Meet Our #TWLMLBC Sponsors!

The Woman Like Me Conference was a success! And it wouldn’t have been possible without our incredible sponsors. Here at the Like Me CIC we have the mission of empowering women and girls to be their best therefore we have partnered with companies that share that same vision.

Philippa Taylor – Feel Fab Naturally

I’m Philippa Taylor of helping you to transform your wellbeing so you feel fab and your health span increases. By sharing tips and information on science-based, natural healthy ageing products, I help empower you to be proactive with your self-care so that you can get the most out of today and all your tomorrows.

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Rise From The Ashes With Elisha Dignam

The annual Woman Like Me L&B Conference is taking place this June, Saturday the 26th. This years theme is Rising From The Ashes and our speakers will share stories from the heart about how they have risen from the ashes. Our mission is to reveal hidden stories that make us who we are to empower women. To attend register your ticket here. This year you have the power to choose between in person and virtual attendance.

Elisha Dignam

With 10+ years of experience working for a range of B2B and B2C brands, Elisha has continuously achieved the unexpected. 

From overcoming a learning difficulty to attend one of the UK’s top universities to delivering exceptional global marketing campaigns and smashing the glass ceiling to become Marketing Director before the age of thirty. 

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Inspiring Quotes To Get You Through Another Lockdown.

We can still meet! Despite Boris Johnson stating the Lockdown lift will be postponed until July 19th our annual The Woman Like Me L&B Conference is going ahead! Our event will primarily be virtual to follow Covid guidelines but if you want to come in person hurry now as there are limited slots left! To learn more about the event and get your ticket click here.

We’re in this together poster by postermywall.

Hope. A feeling of trust or longing. A transcendent force that keeps us motivated. With the continuous government announcements and restrictions you may feel like you are losing hope, well we are here to remind you that no matter what life throws at us we are a transcendent force of our own that must not be reckoned with. We can get through this!

Here are some quotes to help you get through lockdown:

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Speakers Funfacts Questions and Answers

How well do you know our speakers? Our wonderfully open speakers are sharing hidden stories about their personal and professional lives to empower you to Rise From the Ashes of your obstacles and reach your potential to shine.

Find the answer below!

The purpose of this conference is to share a light on the obstacles we face in life and the fact that we can empower and inspire others to overcome their obstacles, together; sharing from the heart to promote wellbeing, unity and most importantly, self confidence.

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How To Be An Ally

In honour of Pride Month we would like to share some tips with you on how to be a (better) ally for those you love. The world is increasingly becoming uncertain with divided opinions and standpoints, with the common denominator being the fact that we all want to fight for what we believe in. How can you fight for what you believe in? Become an ally!

What is an ally? An ally is someone who may not be a member of a community, but supports them. Whether it's to combat; racism, sexism, homophobia and/or the absence of mental wellbeing awareness you can recognise your privilege and use this to empower others.

We encourage you to do more research on your own to properly start your journey as this is an important topic that can change lives.

Go from curious to courageous.

“Unity makes the community!” – The Like Me CIC

The time is always right, to do something right.” – Martin Luther King JR

Here are 8 suggestions to be a (better) Ally:

  1. Acknowledge & Understand Your Privilege
  2. Educate Yourself With Research
  3. Never Stop Learning
  4. Listen!
  5. Speak Up / Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable
  6. Avoid “Performative Allyship”
  7. Learn From Your Mistakes
  8. Amplify The Voices & Messages Of Those You Support
  9. Show up.

To learn more in detail about how you can be a better ally click here.

The puzzle pieces of becoming an ally work together to create a better sense of community and reach towards the goal of equality and unity. We can all learn more, so why not?

The main message of these tips is for you to be open for putting yourself out there in order to stand up for what you believe in. Try to be consistent and considerate to those you support and those you do not agree with.

I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is the garbage man or the president of the university.” ― Albert Einstein

It’s important to recognise that we can empower and help others without being disrespectful. ” In a gentle way, you can shake the world” – Mahatma Ghandi.

We all have the ability to help others and its our choice if we want to enforce it. Are you an ally?

Our mission is to empower 1000 women to ‘climb their mountain’ so that they break down their barriers and reclaim their power. Join us. For more details about how we can help you to ‘climb your mountain’ – check out our free events here

The Worst Thing We Can Do As Women Is…

In this world we can do a lot of damage, without even realising it.

The polar ice caps for example, are melting faster than ever, or the fact that 8 Million tons of plastic enter our oceans every year. As a species we impact everything we touch, but as women, really what is the worst thing we can do?

” – And this is something that we can practice everyday, no matter where we are or what we do – because if we are united, there is no limit to what we can do” – Amal Clooney

I would argue there is a lot of leeway regarding this statement, laws exist for a reason right? As women we have come a long way to collectively stand tall and be proud of ourselves, rising through the cracks of adversity and breaking the barriers of expectation. Therefore, in a way, standing in the way of success and empowerment is the worst thing you can do. Whereas, should recognition be the source of motivation? Of course not! Our passion and diligence drive us no matter the cause and effect.

There is another very known saying…

“In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.”

Theodore Roosevelt

What should you take from this? Spring into action! Become your own role model and “Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Ghandi.

We can sit here debating this all day, women should support other women. It costs nothing and community and togetherness is so important as we are always being inspired and enlightened by those around us.

Life is in no way black and white. We must live our lives’ to the fullest by being unapologetically ourselves and shining a light on things you are passionate about, not just other women but for everything you stand for.

The worst thing we can do as women is bring others down and to bring down ourselves. Wasted potential is something we can avoid if we support and empower one another to achieve everyday!

It’s pride month! We would like to give a special shout out to our LGBTQ+ friends, family and supporters to let you know we support you always. You are an inspiration for having the courage to be truly you – continue that courage through pursuing the things you believe in, to pave the way for the next generation of visionaries and trail blazers. We are stronger together.

Our mission is to empower 1000 women to ‘climb their mountain’ so that they break down their barriers and reclaim their power. Join us. For more details about how we can help you to ‘climb your mountain’, check out our free events here. To book a chat with jasmine to discuss wellbeing and what we can offer click here.

A Kickstart In Life…

This blog post was written by Camila Karalyte.

After finishing my degree in English Literature and creative writing, my mental health took a turn. Forced to move back in with my parents, I struggled to deal with the simple aspects of life; the thought of being a full-blown adult terrified me.

I had relied on the crutches of Uni life for three years, not paying much focus on what I wanted to do in life, but there I was, aged 21- unemployed, dealing with heartbreak and living in an environment I was so eager to leave.

Camila Graduating University 2019
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Rise From The Ashes With Jasmine Mbye

The annual Woman Like Me L&B Conference is taking place this June, Saturday the 26th. This years theme is Rising From The Ashes and our guest speakers will share stories from the heart about how they have risen from the ashes. Our mission is to reveal hidden stories that make us who we are to empower women. To attend register your ticket here. Act quick as the early bird sale ends June 2nd! This year you have the power to choose between in person and virtual attendance! Get your ticket now!

Jasmine Mbye

Jasmine Mbye Jasmine is an accomplished Speaker, Trainer, Coach and the Director of The Like Me CIC. Above all of this she’s a wife and mum. Jasmine was born in Bedfordshire but lived most of her life in London. Jasmine married in 2013, returning to Bedfordshire in 2015.

Jasmine has always had a heart for working with women but was reluctant to work with girls although many suggested it. However, after having her first child in 2017, Jasmine was inspired to work with girls as she was blessed with a beautiful baby girl.

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Are You Rising From The Ashes?

To promote positivity and awareness around the importance of Rising From The Ashes we have shared our advert for the woman like Me Conference which is taking place in June, Saturday the 26th. With Covid affecting mental health across the UK we would like to invite you to the annual The Woman Like Me Conference to hear authentic stories from the heart to inspire, empower, encourage and celebrate women!

Since it is Mental Health Awareness Month we thought it would be detrimental to shine a light on the impact the pandemic has had on women across the world. With many women finding it difficult to empower themselves in general, the pandemic has devastated the mental health rates this past year.

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Make May Work For You! – Tips on How To Improve Your Mental Health.

May is the last month of spring… But that’s not the only thing happening this month, it is both Maternal Mental Health Awareness week and Mental Health Awareness Week with the refreshing theme of Nature. Why nature? Well during the pandemic, a time when in-person social interaction is deemed a luxury, nature has always be there for us. So, in a time when people cannot be close, we can be close with nature.

Mental Health Awareness Week 2021
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