Presenting Me Programme Continuation

Presenting Me Programme Continuation

This 5 part development programme consists of five 60 minute sessions that will support you with the fundamentals which impact how you show up in your world, yet may have overlooked or undermined.

Improve your ability to:

*deal more effectively with uncertainty in life

*manage stress

*overcome negative influences and/or negative experiences 

You will increase your emotional intelligence and sense of personal power which leads to enhanced wellbeing.  You have started the journey to presenting a more authentic you yesterday, so continue. Join Jasmine for the remaining 4  sessions of the Presenting Me programme.



Hopefully you're working on or have worked on your action step from the session and can already begin to feel better. Imagine how you will feel if you complete all 5 sessions. In fact, don't just imagine, purchase now so you can know how much better you will feel about how you're showing up in life. 

Below is a reminder of the upcoming sessions to support you to showing up the best that you can in your world:

Leave with an action step to work on after completing each session.

*Session 2: My Confidence is Key

*Session 3: My Authenticity is Me

*Session 4: My Resilience to Thrive

*Session 3: My Relationships, My Role

All this and more...

Plus, get a bonus Action Step Worksheet.


Buy now and you can look forward to another two weeks of empowering sessions that means you move closer towards being your best. Now is the time, seize the moment! Click on the link below, make your purchase, and we will email you further details. Jasmine hopes you will join her and looks forward to being a part of your journey.