Empowering You Lunch & Learn – For Your Team

Empowering You Lunch & Learn - For Your Team
How can you actively support the women in your organisation this International Women's Day to Inspire Inclusion? (If you are considering this for yourself, please click here).

The average women is only empowered to fulfil about 60% of her potential according to the UN!!! How much potential do you think your female team members are empowered to achieve?  There are so many challenges women face in the world of work and business today. From unconscious bias, to our own psychological barriers, like lack of confidence and fear of failure. Communication issues, to lack of support with childcare and caregiving and the gender pay gap.


Inequality is still a pressing issue with women earning on average almost 15 pence less than a man in every pound!!! Women on average are only supported to achieve 60% of their potential according to the UN. 🤯 This negatively impacts everyone.  Empowerment isn't the complete solution. However it's definitely a part of it. Supporting the women in your team to become more empowered is critical. As this means they feel strong enough and confident enough to take opportunities that are available. To ask for, and stand for, what they want and deserve! It's important to note empowering the women in your team benefits the organisation.


Do members of your team:

  • Struggle with confidence and/or feelings of worth
  • Battle feelings of being an imposter
  • Often think negatively or overthink
  • Worry about the opinions of others
  • Need validation
  • Find it difficult to be truly heard
  • Feel stuck or helpless
  • Have the ability yet question their capability
  • Want to go to the next level and know they need to get out of their own way.

If you answered yes to one or more of the above, then read on. As the Empowering You Lunch & Learn 3 part series is how you can support YOUR TEAM MEMBERS this International Women's Day and Women's History Month.


What Can Being Empowered Mean for YOU AND YOUR TEAM MEMBERS?

It can mean:

  • Better retention for your organisation
  • More effective communication
  • More influential team members
  • Improved work quality and productivity
  • More satisfaction
  • Greater innovation and creativity
  • Enhanced leadership style


Supporting your team members to join the Empowering You Lunch & Learn will give them the tools to improve their confidence and communication so they can better advocate and achieve. It's a great way to ensure you get the best from your team members because they more empowered and can do so.


“No company, small or large, can win over the long run without energized employees...”
― Jack Welch

Let’s Your Team Members Lunch & Learn

We're excited to deliver the Empowering You Lunch & Learn series this March 2024, empowering women in line with International Women's Day so women can have the strength to forge forward with equality. The Empowering You Lunch & Learn adheres to the Fempowerment Method’s 3 pillars: Recover, Reconnect and Rise.

There is one module per pillar, which lasts approximately 50-60 minutes, and includes the following:

  • Recover = Your Mind at 1pm on Tuesday, 05 March 2024.

This initial session focuses on giving you the tools to rethink and refocus, so you have a solid foundation and strategy to emerge a stronger, more confident and effective you.


  • Reconnect = Your Voice at 1pm on Tuesday, 12 March 2024.

This session builds, enabling you to recognise you’re not finding, you're freeing your authentic voice by developing confidence and utilizing techniques provided for you to do so.


  • Rise = Your Shine at 1pm on Tuesday, 19 March 2024.

In this final session there is an emphasis on identifying what makes you great, how to capitalize on and better leverage that through alignment and assertiveness.


The Empowering You Lunch & Learn series is:

  • Delivered live, virtually on Zoom for accessibility and some interaction.
  • Inclusive of worksheets to encourage maximum growth.
  • With access to recordings for February.

Woven throughout our modules are our 3 Cs; building confidence, courage and celebration in every women we work with.


Book your team members onto the Empowering You Lunch & Learn now and you will make a worthy investment giving them the tools to:

  • Develop the mindset needed to go to the next level in their careers and lives enabling them to begin flourishing.
  • Understand how to further liberate themselves by freeing their authentic voice so they can better self-advocate and connect more confidently.
  • To identify what makes them positively stand out and position themselves so they're maximising opportunities. Helping them to make a desired impact and improve productivity.



The Empowering You Lunch-and-Learn is delivered by Jasmine Mbye. Jasmine is the Empowerment Champion, a multiple award-winning TEDx, (link here), international Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Coach & Author at The Like Me CIC, who has been featured on the BBC news and whose work with women has been recognised as outstanding by mayors.

Jasmine combines over 15 years professional expertise of developing others, with business failure and her personal experience of overcoming both domestic and child abuse to empower and inspire women, who often hide behind a mask, to know that they are more than what they've been through so they can overcome obstacles, (like; imposter syndrome, low self-belief, bullying, abuse, lack of confidence), release their potential and advance to become leaders in their work, business and life.

Jasmine Mbye has appeared on Naga Munchetty's BBC Radio 5 Live, in The Suns’ Fabulous Magazine and on podcasts. Jasmine shares her expertise by delivering informative and inspiring talks or leading panels at multiple locations such as the Ethnic Minorities into Leadership, PA Show and Speak Up Women. When it comes to empowerment, they'll be in great hands.



Empowerment scores typically increased by about 20% after attending the Lunch & Learn. Here's feedback from those who've previously worked with Jasmine:

"Jasmine is an excellent trainer with lots of good energy and insights. I'm finding the lunch n learn sessions are helping me think about moving forward with my goals. Thank you Jasmine & your Team"


"...the sequence of the sessions were on point and have given me food for thought and much to take away and process further..."



Take action, as the Empowering You Lunch & Learn is about empowering your team members with the tools, techniques, stories and strategies for them to empower themselves. Being more empowered means your team members feel stronger, more confident, taking more control of the trajectory of their career and life. It allows real action to be taken that supports women forging forward with gender equity and equality.

2024 is here, make the decision today for your team members future and for the benefit of your organisation. Take action today, so your team can better advocate, preparing themselves to be better so they can do better in 2024, which benefits your organisation. Take action today and support your teams growth and development!

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“... a company is only as good as it's people.” Kathryn Minshew

Invest in your team's development, in their empowerment now. Book their spaces and Jasmine looks forward to meeting them. 😊




Value = £149

Standard price = £125



If your organisation would benefit from having this Lunch & Learn delivered in-house and possibly customised for your organisation, click here.


Oh But!...

  • We don't have budget for it right now... You can book your team members onto the Lunch & Learn by invoice with 30 day payment terms, provided it's more than 30 days prior to the start of the Lunch & Learn. Another option is to make split payments. Please send an email to hello@thelikemecic.org.uk detailing which of the above you would like and we can arrange this for you.
  • I'm unsure my team members can make the lunch dates...remember the sessions are recorded and your team members will automatically receive access to the recordings. These sessions have been designed to give them the tools and techniques, they're not workshops. They'll have the worksheets to work on alongside watching the recording so win-win. However, we will run this Lunch & Learn again later in the year so get in touch to discuss this or the in-house option by clicking here.
  • I don't know if Jasmine's the right person...Check out Jasmine's TEDx here to get a feel for who she is, her story and why she champions empowerment, calling herself The Empowerment Champion. If after attending the series your team members haven't found any value, we'll give you your money back!


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Bonuses =
*14 beautiful Affirmations cards to download. (Example as seen). You and your team members can enjoy these.
*Entry into our prize draw to win 1 of 3 'The Speakers Journey: Amplifying Your Voice' Books, co-authored and personally signed by Jasmine for each team member.
*An extended Insight Call, with an additional 15 minutes on top of the standard 45 minutes, totalling 1 hour per team member.

*Invitation to join the invitation-only Women Rising & Shining Community is offered to each team member.