Empowering Me

Empowering Me

You've got the power, it's time to unleash it!

Unleash YOUR power with this Empowering Me 3 part programme. Start with My Power in My Story.

This 3 part development programme consists of three sessions, you choose with 60 or 90 minute sessions to increase your personal power so you are aware of and more confident about the choices and power you have. 

(Why we want to support you) Become more empowered to:

  1. Better own your story
  2. Find purpose in your pain
  3.  Use your voice more effectively

This enhances your sense of worth and wellbeingYou started the journey to being more empowered than yesterday, so continue for tomorrow! Join Jasmine for the remaining 3 part Empowering Me programme. (And if you missed the session you can watch the recording here, enter this passcode: V8SC?s@4 and still join us. Keep reading to find out how).

This programme is delivered by Jasmine Mbye. Jasmine has featured in The Sun's Fabulous Magazine, Luton Today as well as other press. She's been on BBC Three Counties radio, Inspire FM, spoken at conferences, retreats and other events. She has also partnered with the NHS Bedfordshire Recovery College. Jasmine has over 20 years experience of personal development and over 14 years experience of developing others. Jasmine has endured and overcome abuse in childhood and in marriage and will be using her experience and expertise to give you the tools an techniques to empower yourself!

Hopefully you're working on or have worked on your action step and can already begin to feel more empowered. Imagine how you will feel if you complete all 3 sessions. In fact, don't just imagine, purchase now so you can know how much more empowered you will feel. 

Below is an outline of what you can expect to learn:

Session 2: My Power, My Pain

*Understand the difference between trauma and adversity

*Identify the motivation in pain

*Pain programming

Session 3: My Power, My Voice

*Identify how to find your true voice

*Find ways to use your voice


All this and more...

Including the session recordings plus bonus Session Worksheets x2.


Buy now! Place your order before Monday and get an extra £5 off. Meaning you can look forward to another two weeks of empowering sessions that means you move closer towards being your best for a fantastic price. 

Choose from the basic 60 minute sessions which covers the content, or the 90 minute extended sessions which allows time for reflection and sharing of learning.

Now is the time, seize the moment! Click on the button below, make your purchase, and we will email you further details. Jasmine hopes you will join her and looks forward to being a part of your empowerment journey.