Empowering Me

Empowering Me

You've got the power, it's time to own it!

Learn how to Own YOUR Power with this Empowering Me programme.

  • Fed up of wishing things would change?
  • Tired of feeling stuck?
  • Had enough of feeling like the same 'rubbish' happens over and over again?
  • Are you done with life as it is and recognise things will change for the better when you do?

Then this 3 part development programme is for YOU! It consists of three 45-60 minute sessions to increase your personal power so you are aware of and more confident about the power you have and the choices you make. 

Become more empowered to:

  1. Own your story
  2. Speak your truth
  3. Shine your light

This programme enhances your wellbeing and builds your confidence. So you can move from feel like you're not enough and are afraid to be truly seen, to STOP hiding and gain the confidence to get your life back  

You will learn how show up authentically, speak your truth confidently and allow your abilities and talents to shine boldly. All so they can find purpose and achieve your goals and dreams.

This programme is delivered by the Empowerment Champion Jasmine Mbye. Jasmine Mbye is an international TEDx Speaker who has been featured in The Suns’ Fabulous Magazine, Luton Today and is a regular contributor to radio stations such as BBC Three Counties Radio, Inspire FM and Luton Urban Radio. Jasmine also shares her expertise by delivering inspiring talks at multiple locations such as retreats, conferences and other events. In addition, Jasmine has partnered with the NHS Bedfordshire Recovery College and Signposts.

Jasmine has over 20 years experience of personal development and over 14 years experience of developing others. Jasmine has endured and overcome abuse in childhood and in marriage and will be using her experience and expertise to give you the tools and techniques to empower yourself!

The Sessions are recorded so can be watched at your convenience.  See programme details below including the title and objectives for each session:

Session 1: My Power, My Story

  • Be able to define empower and story
  • Understand and re-write of your story’s essence
  • Grasp the power of your perspective

Session 2: My Power, My Voice

  • Identify how to find your true voice
  • Decide on how to use your voice
  • Recognise the power of your voice

Session 3: My Power, My Shine

  • Identify your G.A.T.S.
  • State 2 ways to increase your shine
  • Create and commit to a relevant goal


All this sounds great right, well there's more...

  • Worksheets are provided for each session
  • Bonus 1: Receive immediate access to The Women Like Me L&B Conference Replay 2021
  • Bonus 2: You will also receive a selection of 6 empowering posters that you can print, share on social media or have as a screensaver on your phone/laptop.


Now is the time, seize the moment to further empower yourself!  Purchase Empowering Me and receive your 3 part programme at the beginning of December. Receive bonuses immediately.


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