The Girls Like Me

The Girls Like Me

Empower 1000 Girls with The Girls Like Me Luton & Beds

We are really thrilled to have begun our campaign to Empower our girls at The Girls Like Me Luton & Beds Conference last year. This was our first step but the campaign continues. You can support our campaign to Empower 1000 Girls with The Girls Like Me L&B by sharing and/or making a donation, click here. Your support enables us to make more of a difference.

The Girls Like Me Luton Conference

The details of our next event are going to be release quite soon. In the meantime our first event took place in Luton on Friday, 11th October to celebrate the International Day of the Girl. The Conference theme was Anxious/Stressed/ Depressed, No More! We were so excited to encourage, empower and inspire the girls of Luton and Beds. We welcomed girls from 11 – 18 and their mums, aunts, big cousins to come and join us at the Riverside Suite at Venue 360. There were 2 sessions: 13:00 and 16:00. What a night it was! Thanks to those of you who donated to our campaign you made a difference. Here is the flyer….

Doors opened for registration to our afternoon session at 16:00. During this session had inspiring speakers, engaging activities, developmental workshops. a fashion show.
The wonderful speakers we had were Hasina, the Self-defence expert, Tene Edeards, writer, author and self-love advocate from Walk With Wings, Anjeli Parmar from Love Gold Boutique and of course Jasmine Mbye, Speaker, Trainer, Coach and Director of The Like Me CIC. Each speaker shared how they have dealt or deal with Anxiety, Stress and/or Depression. We created a safe space to share and it was a memorable day, we marked the occasion well. The refreshment and a light meal went down well too.

The Girls Like Me Luton & Beds Conference was the first of many so we will be doing it again this year. So please continue to give us your support and share our GoFundMe campaign by clicking here. Thank you!

If you’re a Lutonian girl, 18 and under, we’d love to get your views so please complete our questionnaire by clicking here. It doesn’t require any personal details and will only take a few minutes.

The Girls Like Me Luton Magazine

This will be produced quarterly with stories of Lutonian girls and women, or of interest to Lutonian girls and women, who have gone through great challenges, are pursuing their passions and dreams as well as those who have pursued their passions and achieved their dreams.

The Girls Like Me Summer Workshops

Last summer we ran some free workshops from 27-30th August to help the preparation for the new school year. Each new year brings new challenges so we looked at common issues young girls face.

Our personal development sessions focused on key issues to prepare for the academic year ahead such as; confidence, motivation, resilience, how to deal with problems and values and beliefs. Thanks to those who joined us and made the sessions successful. This year we want to step it up and will be doing The Girls Like Me Summer Camp for our girls. More details to be provided in due course.

Check out the Partner With Us page to see how you might be able to get involved by clicking here.

Visit this page again soon for more information.